8 Walmart Plus Money-Saving Tips 2023


Walmart launched Walmart Plus in 2021, during the epidemic, to compete with Amazon Prime. Annual membership costs $98. Paying monthly at $12.95 costs $156 a year.

Consumer Reports says Walmart Plus has good perks for Walmart regulars. See if Walmart Plus is appropriate for you.

Streaming Discount

Walmart Plus customers get free Paramount Plus streaming, which includes over 40,000 episodes of TV series, movies, sports, and more.

The membership is confined to the ad-supported Paramount Plus Essential Plan. This may lower streaming service prices. To receive this perk, you must cancel your Paramount Plus subscription and sign up through Walmart Plus.

Six Months of Free Spotify

Walmart Plus offers six free months of Spotify Premium (normally $9.99) for Spotify fans. Saving almost $60.

Free Delivery

If you use Instacart or other grocery delivery services, you know how those fees pile up, making each transaction more expensive. Walmart Plus delivers fresh groceries to your home for free and with no order limit. Some restrictions and a $35 minimum order apply.

Free Shipping

Walmart Plus allows you free shipping on a wide range of Walmart products, not just groceries. Location and freight costs may apply to some products.

Fuel Discounts

Walmart Plus members save 10 cents per gallon at Walmart gas stations and over 14,000 Exxon, Mobil, and Murphy stations nationwide. However, fuel discounts vary by station.

Simple Customer Rewards App

Walmart Plus members can use the app to earn points that can be redeemed for Walmart merchandise. Better better, these points never expire, but you need a Walmart Plus account to spend them. They have no other value and cannot be exchanged for cash. Gift cards, prescriptions, pharmacy products, optical products and services, alcohol, cigarettes, guns and ammunition, lottery tickets, and a few other items cannot be purchased with these points.

Early Deals

Consumer Reports says Walmart Plus members learn about Black Friday and new product bargains first. Walmart Plus gives you a heads-up with a members-only message.

Scan-and-Go Mobile

With a Walmart Plus membership, you can scan your items in your basket and conduct a quick, contact-free checkout instead of waiting in line.

Easy Savings

Consumer Reports recommends a Walmart membership if you prefer saving money and shop there for most of your necessities, including petrol. They say weekly shopping delivery saves $32 in shipping and other fees. If you buy 20 or more gallons of petrol per week, you may save $8 a month, which virtually covers the Walmart Plus membership.

An annual Walmart membership may be worth it if you order delivery or buy gas weekly.