A cardboard shredder: what is it?


A cardboard shredder is a device that shreds vast quantities of cardboard and paper. The purpose of this equipment is to delete confidential data that a firm may have stored but is no longer required.

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The majority of organizations and retail establishments now recycle cardboard utilizing an industrial cardboard shredder rather than paper shredding services. Businesses must comply with personal privacy rules such as GDPR when handling consumer data, including credit card information. On the other hand, a cardboard box shredder speeds up the procedure and protects a business from privacy concerns for enterprises that receive a lot of cardboard boxes.

How is cardboard shredded for packing purposes?

To fit into a cardboard shredder, first flatten the cardboard and, if needed, cut it into strips using a box cutter. The procedure might take a while, depending on the kind of industrial cardboard shredder you have. To shorten the procedure, businesses should purchase a high-capacity, high-performance shredder.

Many businesses now use shredded scrap cardboard instead of bubble wrap as their void fill material since it is more environmentally friendly.

What sort of cardboard shredder is necessary?

A sturdy industrial cardboard shredder is needed to shred cardboard. Some may only be able to handle 12 thin sheets of cardboard, while others may be able to churn through corrugated cardboard, depending on the brand and model you have. Cardboard will not shred properly in a personal paper shredder.

Industrial-grade cardboard shredders are typically located in delivery areas and offices handling confidential data. A cardboard shredder is far more powerful than a paper shredder, even if the former is useful for home usage or if you just intend to shred a small number of papers each month. While a standard paper shredder can only handle three sheets of paper at a time without jamming, top-of-the-line cardboard shredders can shred through 120 pages at once.

Even in a stationary room, a cardboard shredder intended for industrial usage is not appropriate for an office setting due to the noise produced by the moving gears and components of the machine.

Cardboard shredders may get pricey if you require a high capacity, depending on how much paper and cardboard you need to get rid of. A factory-ready heavy duty cardboard shredder can process over 100 sheets of paper and cardboard boxes at once, however some of the smaller shredders can only process 20 sheets at a time.

Compared to a more durable commercial cardboard shredder, certain cardboard shredders could employ plastic parts. Plastic-made components may be less expensive, but their performance won’t be constant. Metal shredders won’t slow down when faced with significantly heavier workloads.

A cardboard shredder is a machine that can weigh a lot. Some bigger types are designed to be put into a room or location on purpose and not be moved, while some are built to be movable on wheels.

A portable, compact cardboard shredder that can be put away is a better choice if all you’re shredding is paper and documents. But if your company often uses materials other than paper, including CDs, credit cards, and cardboard, a sturdy metal cardboard shredder is the best option.