A new Gloucester Quays shop needs fast and energetic workers 2023


There will soon be a brand-new sporting goods store located at Gloucester Quays, and its grand opening is scheduled for the following month. Puma has begun the process of hiring new employees and has erected advertising boards in several locations.

After Next, Fat Face, and Timberland opened (or reopened) their stores at the outlet center, this was the next store to do so. Puma has announced that their newest retail location will debut in June.

The center has announced that it is looking forward to more openings and events taking place over the course of the following year as it has celebrated a growth of 6% year on year.

The outlet centre will welcome Puma in weeks.

Puma states that there are exciting prospects for its new store opening at Gloucester Quays in the advertisements it posts for various sales associate roles at the company.

It claims that it seeks employees who are quick and enthusiastic, with experience working in a retail environment that is focused on providing excellent customer service, and who have a proven track record of achieving positive results.

In addition to that, it is looking for demonstrated success in exceeding sales targets, demonstrated success in providing high levels of customer service, and demonstrated success in presenting material to big crowds.

“Outlets provide a great shopping and leisure experience with a real emphasis on value for money,” Paul Carter, asset director at Gloucester Quays’ owner Peel L&P, said last week as figures about the success of the Quays were released: “The performance at Gloucester Quays over the past year shows that our catchment recognizes that.”

“During this time, we have increased the number of alternatives available, brought in some of the most well-known stores, and diversified the food offer, all with the intention of making Gloucester Quays more appealing to tourists and other visitors.

We are thrilled to see this continuous growth, and over the course of the coming year, we intend to take it even further with brand-new and interesting leasing additions as well as an expanded events calendar.