A2Z and HaStok deliver 1,000 smart carts to 40 Israeli locations 2023


The partnership signifies A2Z’s smart cart solution’s expansion into a new vertical outside of grocery retail.

The purchase order for 1,000 smart trolleys includes a down payment, a guaranteed monthly payment, and a revenue-sharing agreement for added-value solutions, such as advertising.

Every item placed in the intelligent purchasing cart is identified and added to a displayed shopping list, enabling real-time information and calculation of the total cost of the purchase.

The touch screen and charging pad enable cashierless payments and two-way communication between the retailer and the customer throughout the purchasing journey.

HaStok Concept, a 40-store Israeli home design and domestic supplies chain, has partnered with A2Z Smart Technologies Corp.

Guy Mordoch, CEO of A2Z’s subsidiary Cust2mate, is thrilled to partner with HaStok and deliver the significant benefits of our smart cart solution to HaStok and their customers.

“This new vertical is an exciting opportunity for A2Z to expand our reach and make shopping more convenient and efficient for consumers, demonstrating value for any retail shopping, grocery, and convenience stores.”

Ofer Barak, CEO of HaStok, exclaims, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with A2Z to offer our customers their innovative smart cart solution.”

“We believe that Cust2Mate will provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, while simultaneously increasing our sales and decreasing our operating expenses.”

A2Z and HaStok have agreed to split the advertising and data revenue generated by the smart trolleys as part of the agreement.