At HIA, Qatar Duty Free replaces 100,000 plastic shopping bags per month 2023


In the eight Day2Day Essentials stores located at Hamad International Airport (HIA), Qatar Duty Free is currently in the process of replacing the 100,000 single-use plastic shopping bags with reusable cotton shopping bags on a monthly basis

In order to make branded sustainable bags, the travel shop has formed a partnership with Supreme Creations, a manufacturer of reusable bags and environmentally friendly packaging, to do so.

These shopping bags may be reused at least 500 times, are certified as being vegan, and are manufactured from cotton that is both lightweight and produced locally.

Travel merchant is working toward plastic-free, eco-friendly airports.

Thabet Musleh, Vice President of Qatar Duty Free, stated on Earth Day that the company is “proud” to have taken the first major step in transforming QDF into a travel shop that does not sell products packaged in plastic.

By converting to bags that are better for the environment at our Day2Day stores, we are helping to promote QDF’s objective of becoming an environmentally responsible and sustainable airport retailer while also contributing to the reduction of pollution caused by plastic.

This project marks our position as leaders in promoting sustainability in the travel retail industry, and it is the first key step toward reaching QDF’s goal of expanding its positive environmental effect at the airport.

HIA, the home hub of Qatar Duty-Free, has demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability through a variety of initiatives.

One of these is its wastewater management strategy, which involves directing wastewater and sewage to HIA’s dedicated wastewater treatment plant. The treated water is then returned to the airport to irrigate its landscape features.