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his Experiences and Vicissitudes,” and who performed with the veteran George Coppin in 1848, opened a store on the Port-road in 1876. The new invention of paying a parting compliment by means of entertainment composed of music and readings was put upon its trial under extraordinarily unpropitious circumstances last night, on the Mechanics’ Institute . The musical portion of the programme was supported by Mrs. Hodgson, Mrs. Gardner, Miss Beddoe, Miss Howson, Messrs. Huenerbien, Hasler, Hodgson, Nash, Coldrey, and Irwin .

ROYAL VICTORIA THEATRE, North Terrace, Adelaide. The Theatre will consist of 1 tier of Private Boxes, and a commodious Pit, and can open on Monday Evening, November 25, 1839, when will be presented Kotzebue’s celebrated play of

Isabella MELODIA

Have arrived, and will give a SERIES OF CONCERTS AT THE CORNWALL ROOMS, Commencing on MONDAY EVENING, NOV. 12TH, 1860, Consisting of Songs, Duetts, Chorusses, Burlesques, Dances, Instrumental Solos, &c., &c. OUR OWN MINSTRELS, Messrs. PORTER, SILVAIN, STEVENSON, and GERMONE, WILL shortly visit Collector, Bungendore, Queanbeyan, Cooma, Bombala, Nimitybelle, & en route to the Snowy River, at which place they are about to erect a theatre,

Our current limits will solely allow us to state, that no expense appears to have been spared by the proprietor, nor any effort neglected by the manager in his department. To Mr. Gibbs and Messrs. Howson great credit score is due for his or her arrangement of the score, and that the vocal performers executed their several songs, &c., in a satisfactory method, was fully proved by the plaudits they acquired all through. The opera will be repeated this evening, and we are going to enueavour in our next concern to notice more particalurly this far-famed production.

the beloved wife of William Galbraith, aged 58 years. We have a “rush” of colonial music simply PM Civil Pty Ltd now. The final piece revealed is a song,

The University Of Sydney –

TOOGOOD’S GRAND CONCERT SALOON, witness the BUCKINGHAM FAMILY and troupe. Tremendous applause eaoh night time to hear Young Buckingham sing “Billy Crow’s adventure with the Soldier.” Appearance of three younger women MISS BLOOMER, LUCY LUFFE, MARY BOBBIN. Digger and Chinaman – Master Buckingham.

And 60l., which sum, it was hoped, could be raised that evening. He had little doubt that the audience would do their responsibility in that respect. He referred to the humanizing effect of music, and remarked that Mr. Gardner was engaged in a noble work in endeavouring to make people fond of it.

Mr. Graves, beneath these circumstances declined to seem for the defendant, but at the Commissioner’s request he watched the case. The Commissioner learn the plaint by which Mr. Gard, the plaintiff, sought to recover £5 for the companies of a band of six individuals at a ball at the Amphitheatre on the 8th June, assured by the defendant. Mr. Graves instructed that the witnesses, six in quantity, the entire band, actually, should be out of Court.

public sale, on TUESDAY, twenty fourth instant, at 11 o’clock, on the premises, No. 99, Dowling-street, Household furnishings, kitchen utensils, and results. Mrs. J. GIBBS respectfully begs go away to announce to the inhabitants of Sydney and the encompassing neighbourhood, that she will be joyful to give

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with select Quadrilles, &c. In exercising which Mistakes could be effectually prevented. Has a radical data of the Manner during which French and English Balls are conducted, he respectfully offers his Services for this Purpose, and will undertake to conduct them in the best Style. – As many Ladies and Gentlemen, who are somewhat superior in life, may have, from a variety of causes,

an important change has taken place within the preparations on the Victoria Theatre. Mr. F. Gibson, a gentleman admirably certified for the office, has bought Mr. Knight’s share in the establishment, and assumed the post of supervisor. The graduation of the season has been highly auspicious, and the lovers of the drama may justly congratulate themselves on a change which promises many agreeable results. In reviving these favorite operas, the music of which is so well-known to most play-goers, we predict the manager shows a just notion of what is well-liked and enticing with his patrons . Mr. Joseph Thomas Burton-Gibbs, one of Sydney’s oldest enterprise identities, yesterday died at his residence, Hillcrest, Church-street, Randwick, on the superior age of ninety three years.