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  • Good news for marketgoers: Roseberry’s popular monthly markets are relaunching with a plethora of fantastic bargains from both returning and new vendors.

    Reopening under the management of Cambridge Markets, the company responsible for some of the city’s largest markets, including those in Watsons Bay and the Entertainment Quarter, the markets promise visitors a fresh and exciting new experience. This weekend, on May 6 and 7, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., The Cannery will host its first market.

    Roseberry and Cannery Markets, Cannery Markets

    The markets are held on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month in a warehouse-style location with over 40 stallholders.

    To facilitate retail rehabilitation, visitors can find a variety of fashion, homewares, art, craft, jewelry, photography, pet supplies, toys, and clothing, among other items.

    The markets will place a greater emphasis on high-quality producers, creators, and artists from New South Wales, providing a platform for small and micro businesses from Sydney.

    Sydney’s monthly Cannery markets include great cuisine and fascinating trinkets.

    Alongside purchasing, gourmet and international hot food stalls will be available to satisfy both gourmands and shoppers.

    As for stallholders, Hudons Bakery offers gluten-free artisan breads, and Hohm Interiors can help you freshen up your personal space. Wrappsody will open a store selling beautiful wrapping paper alongside Rawpaw Treats, which sells natural dog treats manufactured in Australia.

    Aroma Herbs, Turkish Gozleme House, Hako Tabi, B Positive, and many others are also sellers. Aldi Cornerstore, Wholefoods House, Three Blue Ducks, Archie Rose, and Messina will also be present.

  • The same shoplifter brandishing a knife confronted supermarket employees twice within 24 hours.

    One of the courageous employees wrestled with Alexander Lennox, only to discover that he was concealing a second knife in his waistband.

    Lennox, age 42, was sentenced to two years in prison when he appeared in Hamilton Sheriff Court from confinement.

    While on bail, he confessed to theft, knife possession, and threatening or abusive behavior at Asda in Larkhall on September 2 and 3, 2017.

    Prosecutor Scott O’Connor stated that security personnel first observed Lennox “acting suspiciously” in the supermarket around 8:40 p.m.

    As he was leaving the store, the defendant yelled, “Get the f*** out of my way!” before drawing a knife from his pocket.

    Alexander Lennox, who had a second blade in his waistband, fought a staffer.

    “Lennox continued to stroll away from the two employees while continuing to yell.

    “One of the employees grabbed him by the arm, and as he fled, Lennox lifted his shirt to reveal another knife in his waistband.”

    Police officers arrived and viewed surveillance footage, but Lennox returned to Asda around the same time the following day.

    Mr. O’Connor stated, “The same employees observed the defendant making his way to the alcohol aisle.”

    “He proceeded to the exit without attempting to pay for the items in his shopping cart.

    “A member of the staff attempted to stop him, but he yelled, ‘Get the f*** out of my way’.” He was brandishing a knife with an approximately seven-inch blade.

    He then exited the store and fled through the parking lot.

    Andy Iles, a defence agent, stated that Lennox began “abusing substances” at the age of 13 and subsequently became addicted to heroin and cocaine.

    Mr. Iles stated, “He was released from prison shortly before committing these crimes to fund his drug habit.”

    Sheriff Thomas Millar told Lennox during sentencing, “These incidents must have been terrifying for the store employees.”

    Since Lennox has been detained since his detention in September, the two-year term was retroactively imposed.

  • Balboa Boulevard Restaurant Fire 2023


    Wednesday’s blaze at a restaurant in Granada Hills was quickly brought under control by the fire department.

    Nicholas Prange, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department, stated that the blaze started in a commercial shopping area located at 11144 North Balboa Boulevard just before 10 in the morning.

    According to him, when firefighters got to the scene, they saw thick smoke rising from the structure, and they identified the fire within a restaurant.

    Wednesday’s strip mall restaurant fire brought Los Angeles firefighters.

    The building is home to a Chase bank, a jewelry shop, a veterinary clinic, a pastry shop, and an Italian deli, butcher shop, and grill among other businesses.

    According to Prange, “it took the first 28 firefighters 19 minutes to extinguish the flames.”

    According to Prange, there were no reported injuries, and the inquiry into what started the fire is still ongoing.

  • Retail media network from Sprouts 2023


    Instacart announced that Sprouts Farmers Market is using Carrot Ads. It’ll fuel Sprouts’ new retail media network. Sprouts is one of the fastest-growing specialty stores.

    Carrot Ads helps businesses like Sprouts build retail marketing networks on their own websites and applications.

    Brands can expand with Instacart’s advertising and Sprouts’ grocery purchasing. It also extends Instacart Ads campaigns to Sprouts eCommerce. Instacart Ads lets brand partners target consumers based on the Sprouts eCommerce experience.

    Sprouts Farmers Market President and COO Nick Konat remarked, “At Sprouts, we are committed to serving our health-enthusiast customers. We’re eager to connect them with our unique brand partners in new ways. We’re connecting through Instacart’s ad technology. Giving our brand partners more chances to grow with us and our customers.”

    Technology for grocers

    We provide all grocers with the technology they need to serve their consumers better. Instacart CBO Chris Rogers remarked, “No matter how they shop.”

    “We are proud to deepen our partnership with Sprouts and realize their retail media network vision. Retail media is booming. Retailers can expand income, improve customer service, and boost loyalty using these networks.

    Today’s news also impacts Instacart’s thousands of brand partners. They may use the finest of Instacart Ads to create targeted Sprouts campaigns to build their business. They can also succeed in today’s retail environment.”

    Enabling brands

    Ad targeting on merchant sites boosts marketing ROI. Advertisers may optimize web advertisements for the Sprouts eCommerce experience. Brand partners may view Sprouts campaign analytics including attributed sales and ROAS. The corporation claims this will give them a campaign overview.

    Maximizing reach and exposure smoothly. Over 1,100 retail banners run Instacart Ad campaigns by brand partners. The announcement automatically expands brands’ Instacart Ads campaigns to include Sprouts’ ecommerce experience. It attracts shoppers. Using current creative, targeting, and measurement tools, Instacart simplifies campaign management across numerous Carrot Ads shops.

    New brands are also benefiting. Sprouts stocks emerging brands and innovative, healthier items. Emerging brands may target Sprouts shoppers with Carrot Ads. Online browsing can raise awareness and inspire trials.

    Sprouts and Instacart started same-day delivery in 2018. Since then, most retailers offer curbside pickup, EBT SNAP payments, virtual convenience, and alcohol delivery and pickup in some areas. and the app use Instacart.

    Business implications

    All expert reports indicate customers are increasingly buying groceries online. Grocery margins are modest and competition is fierce. Thus, brands must use all means to gain visibility. Online advertising boosts visibility.

    Online ad campaigns can effortlessly stretch across platforms to reach more people and boost brand visibility. Managing various campaigns across platforms, websites, and social media becomes more difficult and time-consuming.

    It explains why Sprouts wants to build a retail media network sponsored by Instacart’s Carrot Ads Solution. These systems simplify as brands grow. Online advertising on Sprouts and Instacart is effortless.

  • Ayrshire – Wants to improve Largs retail 2023


    Community councillors in Largs anticipate development at the vacant M&Co site and the Marks and Spencer foodhall site.

    Jim Phillips, chairman of the community council, expressed optimism that the vacant M&Co building would not remain vacant for long.

    As was recently reported by the News, there is a ‘tug of war’ for the building, with Marks and Spencer being urged to move in to complement their foodhall plans elsewhere in the city.

    Optimistic about the future of Retail

    At the meeting, it was indicated that Morrisons had owned the M&Co building since the town’s Safeway days in the 1990s – before it became Mackays and then M&Co – and that no other food retailer would acquire it.

    Ian Murdoch, an independent councillor, informed the meeting that, contrary to his understanding, M&Co now owns the building and car park behind it, which is operated by a third-party parking operator.

    People have always believed that M&Co had a long-term lease on the building from Morrisons, but I understand that this is not the case and that M&Co owns the store and the parking lot.

    “As far as I am concerned, anyone can apply to take over these buildings, as none of the mentioned restrictions apply.”

    Jim, the chairman, told the meeting that he hoped the long-awaited Marks and Spencer foodhall building would make further progress now that Pearsons Garage has been cordoned off and work appears to be taking place at the yard.

    Jim stated, “A significant amount of metal fencing has been erected, and hopefully things are about to get rolling there.”

    The Pearsons garage will be demolished after they relocated to Wemyss Bay in August, and Marks and Spencer will construct a foodhall and parking in its place. It is anticipated that up to fifty positions will be created, with the opening scheduled for 2023.

  • Helen Skelton of Strictly Come Dancing will officially reopen a GO Outdoors location in Chester that was temporarily closed for renovations.

    The store on River Lane in Saltney will reopen on Tuesday, May 16, with an official grand opening on Saturday, May 20, featuring Strictly Come Dancing’s Helen Skelton. Helen, a brand ambassador who reached the Strictly finals with Gorka Marquez, will cut the ribbon at 9:00 a.m. on May 20.

    Peter Burton, the store manager, will give the first 200 customers a £20 gift voucher, and the next 100 will receive a complimentary good bag worth £25 each. In-store activities for families, including face painters and balloon sculptors, will continue throughout the day, according to store management.

    The Strictly Come Dancing star will inaugurate Chester’s store.

    GO Outdoors Cheshire is also offering an additional 15% off to consumers from May 16-29. The newly-renovated store offers abundant free customer parking and will carry an extensive selection of brands, including Rab, Berghaus, Peter Storm, Hi-Gear, and Brasher.

    The 45,000-plus-square-foot store will also feature full-size departments for Naylors Equestrian, Fishing Republic, and Bike 365, allowing customers to purchase specialized equipment for equestrian, angling, and cycling activities.

    The store has 44 employees and provides services such as boot and backpack fitting, as well as collection and drop-off points for online orders, Evri, UPS, and DPD deliveries.

    Peter Burton, the store manager, stated, “We are ecstatic and delighted to unveil the newly renovated GO Outdoors. This expansion is the result of GO’s success over the past few years, during which more and more people have discovered the benefits of the outdoors for their physical and mental well-being.

    We are excited to offer more customers our unmatched selection of outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment, while also supporting the local community and creating jobs in Chester.

    Saltney Retail Park, River Lane, Saltney is where GO Outdoors Chester is located.

  • After years, Gosfield Community Shop reopens 2023


    A RENOVATED community store has finally opened its doors to the public, bringing to a close a lengthy saga.

    Since October, construction has been underway on the new Gosfield Community Shop, which is now finally complete and opening this week.

    Volunteers and locals waged a lengthy campaign to keep the store open, and they are ecstatic that their efforts have been successful.

    The store was functioning out of a temporary structure in the parking lot of the local baseball field.

    Braintree Council granted planning permission on the condition that the store would operate from a permanent location rather than a transient one.

    The shop had previously obtained permission to construct an addition to the adjacent sports pavilion as its permanent home; however, construction had to commence by October of last year or it would have been forced to cease.

    A revamped community shop has opened, ending a protracted saga.

    It was estimated to cost well over £100,000, so the committee successfully applied for a National Lottery grant.

    The chairman of the committee, Brian Payne, was ecstatic to see the hard work eventually pay off.

    He stated, “I am pleased to announce that the new store opened on Monday and is looking fantastic.

    “When the current volunteer committee took over, we were hit with lockdown and then the enforcement order, so the odds were already stacked against us.”

    “It is simply amazing. The store is larger, offers more selection, and is more user-friendly. People are now spending more because there is more space and they stay longer inside.

    “It’s pleasant to see the elderly ladies with their strollers having more space to move around.

    “The entire undertaking is a fantasy come true. Although I never doubted we would raise the money, I was surprised that we did so in such a brief period of time.

    “The first time I saw the completed establishment was awe-inspiring, and now it will be there for future generations, which is what matters most.

    We now hope that someone from the National Lottery will be able to attend the upcoming grand inauguration.

  • Mozilla buys Fakespot 2023


    On May 2, 2023, Mozilla acquired Fakespot, which detects fraudulent reviews and scams.

    Online buying relies on user reviews. Customers can write feedback regarding their purchases.

    The phony review industry has grown because most sites favor products with reviews over those with fewer or lower ratings.

    Fakespot was founded in 2016 to detect false reviews using machine learning. It finds patterns and similarities in reviews.

    Most phony reviews are simple. They may be short, copied, from a specific region, and have spelling and grammar errors. These patterns are obvious.

    Product and company reviews are graded. Company ratings are the average of Fakespot product ratings, which vary from reliable to unreliable.

    Fakespot is acquired by Mozilla.

    Web, mobile, and browser extensions offer the service. Service customers have all these possibilities. Mozilla will boost the service.

    The company intends to fully integrate the service into its open-source Firefox browser and improve it to include new capabilities.

    Mozilla says: “The addition of Fakespot’s capabilities will make Firefox customers the best equipped to cut through deceptive reviews and shop with the confidence of knowing what they’re buying is high-quality and authentic.”

    Fakespot functioning as a native Firefox service may be the first step. It would then work automatically without requiring an extension.

    Fakespot supports Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, and Shopify. Try it on the official website. Paste a product URL into the form on the linked page and press analyze.

    Final Words

    If Mozilla adds features not supported by extensions or web services, Fakespot in Firefox adds another selling point. Since it only supports a few major shopping sites, the service could benefit from adding more.

    Mozilla targets acquisitions to boost its portfolio and revenue. Fakespot might differentiate Firefox from other browsers, making it a strong fit for the corporation.

    Do you read reviews before buying online?

  • Formerly located on Town Park Lane in Evans, the new location of Alumni Cookie Dough is conveniently located just down the road at The Plaza at Evans Towne Center, which is directly across the street from Lady Antebellum Park.

    After being closed for almost 16 months, the cookie dough store is scheduled to reopen in June. This duration of time was far longer than anticipated.

    On its Facebook page, where it first announced its temporary closure in December 2021, the business stated, “We, unfortunately, ran into a conflict that delayed our opening.”

    A phone call to the store inquiring about additional information regarding the delay was not returned.

    In time for summer visitors, Evans’ edible cookie dough store is reopened.

    Rooted Coffeehouse will share the premises with Alumni, a dessert shop that offers cookie dough and ice cream by the scoop.

    This will allow Alumni’s customers to purchase a speciality coffee drink in addition to their delicious delicacies. Additionally, Rooted can be found in Riverwood at a location on William Few Parkway.

    Roll On In and Buzzed Bull Creamery, two prior businesses in this area, both opened and closed their doors in the previous year, making way for the two new dining establishments.

    Jennifer Harpley, proprietor of the Evans cookie dough store, expressed her delight at being a part of the expansion taking place at the plaza.

    “By bringing in Rooted Coffeehouse, we feel that we will be able to offer treats for the kids as well as their parents,” she said in a statement. “We feel that this will be a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

    In January 2019, Mike and Jennifer Dollander, both of whom are graduates of the University of Georgia, established the very first location of Alumni Cookie Dough in the heart of downtown Athens on North Thomas Street.

    According to the information provided on their website, they started offering the company as a franchise in the year 2020, and the required initial investment ranges from 138,768 to 206,968 dollars.

    In addition to its facilities in Athans and Evans, Alumni also maintains establishments in Marietta, Milton, and Acworth.

  • In the eight Day2Day Essentials stores located at Hamad International Airport (HIA), Qatar Duty Free is currently in the process of replacing the 100,000 single-use plastic shopping bags with reusable cotton shopping bags on a monthly basis

    In order to make branded sustainable bags, the travel shop has formed a partnership with Supreme Creations, a manufacturer of reusable bags and environmentally friendly packaging, to do so.

    These shopping bags may be reused at least 500 times, are certified as being vegan, and are manufactured from cotton that is both lightweight and produced locally.

    Travel merchant is working toward plastic-free, eco-friendly airports.

    Thabet Musleh, Vice President of Qatar Duty Free, stated on Earth Day that the company is “proud” to have taken the first major step in transforming QDF into a travel shop that does not sell products packaged in plastic.

    By converting to bags that are better for the environment at our Day2Day stores, we are helping to promote QDF’s objective of becoming an environmentally responsible and sustainable airport retailer while also contributing to the reduction of pollution caused by plastic.

    This project marks our position as leaders in promoting sustainability in the travel retail industry, and it is the first key step toward reaching QDF’s goal of expanding its positive environmental effect at the airport.

    HIA, the home hub of Qatar Duty-Free, has demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability through a variety of initiatives.

    One of these is its wastewater management strategy, which involves directing wastewater and sewage to HIA’s dedicated wastewater treatment plant. The treated water is then returned to the airport to irrigate its landscape features.