Balboa Boulevard Restaurant Fire 2023


Wednesday’s blaze at a restaurant in Granada Hills was quickly brought under control by the fire department.

Nicholas Prange, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department, stated that the blaze started in a commercial shopping area located at 11144 North Balboa Boulevard just before 10 in the morning.

According to him, when firefighters got to the scene, they saw thick smoke rising from the structure, and they identified the fire within a restaurant.

Wednesday’s strip mall restaurant fire brought Los Angeles firefighters.

The building is home to a Chase bank, a jewelry shop, a veterinary clinic, a pastry shop, and an Italian deli, butcher shop, and grill among other businesses.

According to Prange, “it took the first 28 firefighters 19 minutes to extinguish the flames.”

According to Prange, there were no reported injuries, and the inquiry into what started the fire is still ongoing.