FWD, Myntra’s GenZ fashion portal 2023


Myntra, a fashion e-commerce company owned by Walmart, announced the launch of FWD, a fashion discovery portal for Gen-Z consumers, within the Myntra mobile application.

Until approximately 11 a.m., the Myntra app was unavailable while a new product was being integrated.

Myntra’s chief executive officer, Nandita Sinha, stated that the product has been in development for several quarters and that the company hopes to attract 10 million Gen-Z consumers within the next two years via FWD.

“We desired to create an immersive purchasing environment for Generation Z. Sinha stated, “We have been discussing the fact that this cohort will be one of the largest consumer target groups in the country.”

Fashion forward (FWD) is Myntra’s new fashion portal aimed at GenZ consumers.

The company has approximately 8 million Gen-Z customers born between 1997 and the beginning of 2012. Sinha stated that the Gen-Z customer base has a vastly distinct approach to online shopping, with an emphasis on online trends.

“We have realized that Generation Z is a very distinct consumer segment. They are inspired by various things, have different shopping styles, and have different expectations for shopping apps and experiences,” she explained.

“Generation Z discovers trends primarily online and spends approximately eight hours per day online.” To construct the FWD experience, we aimed to glean this insight from Gen Z.

More than 500 brands, including H&M, Trendyol, bebe, Tokyo Talkies, Sassafras, Hersheinbox, Street 9, Athena, Bonkers Corner, and Boohoo, will be available through FWD. Myntra’s private-label brands, such as Roadster and Sangria, will also be included in FWD.

Among other features, Myntra FWD will feature conspicuous visibility in bottom navigation, streamlined trend-spotting-to-shopping, photo search, and daily discounts.

Myntra will also integrate additional social media-like features, suchas brief video formats resembling Instagram Reels, and will have a community of over 500 fashion influencers.

Urbanic, one of India’s largest Gen-Z fast-fashion brands, withdrew out of Myntra only a few weeks prior to this development. Sinha refused to comment on the occurrence.

The 15th of April saw the release of a report indicating that investors are eager to invest in Gen-Z ecommerce fashion startups, as consumers look beyond Myntra and Ajio for their fashion purchasing needs. This also includes Virgio, a rapid fashion direct-to-consumer brand founded by former Myntra CEO Amar Nagaram.