Guy Places Puppy On Mamak Store Table 2023


In our nation, Mamak restaurants are where people of different backgrounds go to enjoy a broad range of Malaysian delicacies.

It is among the locations where cuisine demonstrates the diversity and togetherness of a multicultural nation.

Yet, a recent tweet by @khairulazizi75 depicts a guy purportedly placing a dog on a table at a mamak restaurant in Melaka.

A lady who took the footage asserts that the dog was initially placed on a chair before being transferred to the table. She labeled the man as selfish since he did not respect or consider the comfort of the other customers.

In addition, the response might be due to the fact that Muslims are required to undergo a cleaning ritual known as samak or sertu if they intentionally come into touch with canines.

In the video, the lady also bemoaned that she did not know if the puppy was dry or wet.

Many users who viewed the video expressed their comments.

The woman in the video, who uses the Tik Tok account @anniearifinn, responded to the remarks made about her initial video.

In it, she said that the video was captured before the shop employees approached the man to scold him.

The individual departed the premises after receiving scolding from the employees.

Regarding the netizens who brought up cats, she stated that she had nothing against dogs and that she occasionally feeds stray dogs.

Nonetheless, as noted previously, if a Muslim comes into touch with a dog accidentally or sat at the same table without knowing a dog was present, he or she must do samak.

There are several restaurants that allow individuals to bring their dogs; nonetheless, it is essential to respect each other’s values and consider the comfort of other guests in particular establishments.