Kay Engineering’s Gundrilling Machine Does Many Tasks 2023


Marshall, Missouri is the home of the design and production of the DeHoff 20144, a specialized gundrilling machine owned and operated by Kays Engineering. The business claims that the DeHoff 20144 is utilized in the manufacturing process of components for the ITER Tokamak, which is the largest nuclear fusion reactor in the world.

Fusion reactors employ extremely high temperatures to bring together atoms, which results in the production of large amounts of energy. In addition, fusion reactors produce no radioactive waste, carbon dioxide, or emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Kay Engineering DeHoff 20144 can drill, pull bore, roller burnish, and tap.

On aluminum microwave guides, the DeHoff 20144 is utilized for a variety of processes, including gundrilling, pull boring, roller burnishing, and thread tapping.

The plasma fluid inside the Tokamak vacuum chamber must be heated to a temperature of 150 million degrees Celsius for nuclear fusion to occur. The microwave guides are long tubes that are utilized to achieve this temperature.

The DeHoff 20144 has a maximum drilling depth of 144″ (3,658 mm) and a gundrilling diameter capacity of 2″ (50.8 mm). All of the processes of gundrilling, pull boring, roller burnishing, and thread tapping may be completed on a single machine thanks to the specialized workpiece fixturing and equipment that it comes equipped with.



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