Kmart goes ‘as big as possible’: Manukau welcomes NZ’s largest 24/7 retailer 2023


Today, Aotearoa’s largest 24-hour retail floor was visited by a large number of bargain hunters.

Hundreds of consumers waited in line to view Kmart’s entire selection, which was previously unavailable at the Manukau location.

Matthew Halal, the country manager, remarked that the store’s trading floor was its largest at just under 5,000 square meters.

He stated that the reason for the 24-hour store was to provide consumers with extended access.

“The airport is very near to us. We have a large number of shift employees. We have a large number of contractors who must buy at night.”

According to Halal’s sales data, the number of consumers spikes between 10 p.m. and midnight.

“At midnight, there was still a desire to continue shopping at our old location,” he said.

“We’ve gone as big as possible, which is why it’s taken us a little longer to secure the site.”

When asked if the success of Kmart’s 24-hour store in Sylvia Park influenced the opening of the new store, he responded, “I think it’s a different customer, a different community.”

Halal stated that the store’s selection distinguished it.

“We had to narrow our selection for the consumer. Therefore, you now have access to the entire Kmart assortment, which was previously unavailable to this community.

In our strategic growth plans for New Zealand, this particular site is crucial, said Halal.

He stated that the large-scale retailer had no plans to open additional 24-hour stores unless consumers demanded it.