Naheed Online Shopping Store Hacked, Names and Home Addresses Taken [Updated] 2023


The data belonging to the well-known online shopping site was only recently exposed on a forum for hackers located on the dark web. LeakBase’s database has been updated to reflect this compromised information.

According to the hackers, the database may include as many as 23,000 user records and 108 order details, each of which may contain sensitive information such as user ids, emails, names, addresses, payment details, phone numbers, and other information.

What Caused This to Take Place?

We contacted Naheed for a comment on the situation, and they informed us that one of their developer’s computers had been hacked as a result of several phishing efforts. The attackers were able to access “non-critical test data” on one of their staging servers as a result of this vulnerability.

Nonetheless, Naheed is in the process of reporting the event to the appropriate law enforcement at this time so that they can take action against the assault. The business further guarantees that none of the live data on their systems was corrupted in any way.

The data breach that occurred at Naheed is a glaring illustration of how critical it is to preserve sensitive information and maintain adequate levels of cybersecurity. The safety of its clients should be of the utmost importance to online shopping platforms and other businesses that gather personal information; these companies should also take preventative steps to guard against data breaches.

Consumers, on the other hand, are responsible for their own security and should use robust passwords, monitor their accounts on a frequent basis, and report any suspicious activity as soon as possible.