Northside ice cream shop opens 2023


There is a new ice cream store in Kokomo.

Wally and Olly’s is now open at 419 East Gano Street in the northern part of the city. The new restaurant serves ice cream in a variety of forms, including waffle and cake cones, sundaes, and milkshakes.

Ron and Debbie Toth, who opened their first Wally and Olly’s two years ago in a former Standard Oil gas station near the Eel River in Logansport, are behind the new business. Their seven-year-old grandsons, Oliver Toth and Warren Rayls, inspired the store’s moniker.

Ron and Debbie Toth’s traditional style grows. Kokomo with Wally and Olly

The Kokomo Wally and Olly’s will serve both Glover’s Ice Cream and Dean’s Ice Cream, similar to the Logansport location. Hot dogs, Coney dogs, nachos, taco salads, soft shell tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, pretzels, and breadsticks are available at the Kokomo location.

The Toths purchased the 450-square-foot building a year ago and decorated it in their signature old-fashioned manner, with Coca-Cola signs and a life-size Betty Boop figurine.

Wally and Olly’s has been open for less than two weeks, but the support from the community has already exceeded expectations.

Debbie Toth stated, “We are doing far better than I ever anticipated without advertising.” It’s all been word of mouth.

Wally and Olly’s is much more than an ice cream store to the Toths.

Debbie Toth’s late father was so fond of ice cream that he wanted to establish an ice cream parlor but never did. Ron Toth has always desired to open a restaurant, so the couple decided to open an ice cream shop to fulfill both his and Debbie Toth’s parents’ dreams.

Debbie Toth stated, “If my parents were still alive, you can bet they would be over there serving ice cream and sitting in front.” “My father would converse with the young children. My mother would exert authority over others. I have this image in my mind every time I walk through the door.

The new restaurant is also an expression of affection for the north end of the city, where the Toths have resided for decades, raised their children, and made many acquaintances.

Debbie Toth stated, “It warms my heart” regarding the opportunity to establish a business in the north end. It fills my spirit with joy.