Police investigate Shard End stores inside blue tent 2023


Yesterday, a blue tent was set up in front of establishments in the Shard End area (March 15). At around 3:30 in the afternoon, emergency personnel raced to the location along Heath Way.

Since the investigation into the incident continues, it is unclear what the nature of the encounter actually was. In this location there are several cordons that have been set up.

On a green a little distance down the road from the site, an air ambulance made a safe landing. The West Midlands Police stated that further information will be made public after the police had a clearer grasp of what had occurred.

A representative for the force stated: “As we investigate a situation, we presently have officers stationed in the businesses along Heath Way in Shard End. There is now a cordon in place, and we will offer further information once we have a better comprehension of what has taken place.”

Also, the West Midlands Ambulance Service has been asked for their input on the matter. Keep up to current on this developing story by following our blog, which is located below.