Purchase? Netizens deem this brand’s Rs 86 lakh shopping basket a mistake 2023


Anything may happen when it comes to the fashion industry! We have witnessed time and time again how luxury brands have become the topic of conversation on the internet, first for their eye-popping prices and then for the unusual things that they have come up with, such as their cabbage jacket or common grandpa shorts with blue-lining. This phenomenon has been observed on multiple occasions. Nonetheless, a pre-owned silver-plated shopping basket that belonged to Chanel has been added to the list.

The extravagant price tag of $104,663 will be attached to the white and black basket bag that is crafted with imported leather and silver chains (Rs 86 lakh approx). On the website Farfetch, you can purchase the pre-owned Chanel basket that was first released in 2014 as part of the brand’s AW14 (Autumn/Winter 2014) collection.

According to the information that is provided on the side, Chanel developed its own own supermarket in order to display one of the brand’s most iconic runways. This basket bag, which can be found as part of the aforementioned collection and is adorned with the Maison’s trademark leather and chain-link straps,”

The fact that it is crafted out of leather and chains that have been coated in silver are two of the most notable features of this shopping bag. The Chanel emblem is the most alluring aspect of this bag.

The manufacturer claims that it is a product that is kind to the environment, so purchasing it will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are acting in a way that is beneficial to the world around you.

As the bag gained viral popularity on the internet, online users immediately began cruelly ridiculing the company. Some people had amusing replies, while others were left surprised by the astounding pricing, and they posted screengrabs from the website showing their reactions.

One person commented, “It has to be some kind of misunderstanding.” It is supposed to be 200,000 words.

One more person wrote, “We require a recession.”