Remember NYS Grocery Store Law 2023


The winter of 2022-23 in Western New York was undoubtedly memorable. From December to April, the weather in the Empire States was wacky, ranging from balmy and sunny days to snowstorms.

Now that the snow is beginning to melt, we are able to see what was left behind, and there are some interesting items.

The law regarding shopping carts in the state of New York?

The snow mounds in your yard may be a distant memory at this point. Nevertheless, portions of Western New York are still experiencing large, filthy snowdrifts that may persist until June!

Shopping carts are one of the principal objects that are being uncovered by the melting snow! This may be the reason why your favored store has a shortage of carts. But did you know that New York State has a very specific law regarding purchasing carts?

State of New York law, which is posted at nearly every store in the area, stipulates a $100 fine for taking a shopping trolley off the premises.

According to the signs posted around various establishments, the law falls under section 399-8 of the general business law of New York State.


Wegman’s recently announced the introduction of new shopping carts that will enable customers to scan and leave as they progress through the store.

I am all for anything that facilitates purchasing. My least favorite of all the duties and responsibilities parents have is grocery shopping.



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