Retail media network from Sprouts 2023


Instacart announced that Sprouts Farmers Market is using Carrot Ads. It’ll fuel Sprouts’ new retail media network. Sprouts is one of the fastest-growing specialty stores.

Carrot Ads helps businesses like Sprouts build retail marketing networks on their own websites and applications.

Brands can expand with Instacart’s advertising and Sprouts’ grocery purchasing. It also extends Instacart Ads campaigns to Sprouts eCommerce. Instacart Ads lets brand partners target consumers based on the Sprouts eCommerce experience.

Sprouts Farmers Market President and COO Nick Konat remarked, “At Sprouts, we are committed to serving our health-enthusiast customers. We’re eager to connect them with our unique brand partners in new ways. We’re connecting through Instacart’s ad technology. Giving our brand partners more chances to grow with us and our customers.”

Technology for grocers

We provide all grocers with the technology they need to serve their consumers better. Instacart CBO Chris Rogers remarked, “No matter how they shop.”

“We are proud to deepen our partnership with Sprouts and realize their retail media network vision. Retail media is booming. Retailers can expand income, improve customer service, and boost loyalty using these networks.

Today’s news also impacts Instacart’s thousands of brand partners. They may use the finest of Instacart Ads to create targeted Sprouts campaigns to build their business. They can also succeed in today’s retail environment.”

Enabling brands

Ad targeting on merchant sites boosts marketing ROI. Advertisers may optimize web advertisements for the Sprouts eCommerce experience. Brand partners may view Sprouts campaign analytics including attributed sales and ROAS. The corporation claims this will give them a campaign overview.

Maximizing reach and exposure smoothly. Over 1,100 retail banners run Instacart Ad campaigns by brand partners. The announcement automatically expands brands’ Instacart Ads campaigns to include Sprouts’ ecommerce experience. It attracts shoppers. Using current creative, targeting, and measurement tools, Instacart simplifies campaign management across numerous Carrot Ads shops.

New brands are also benefiting. Sprouts stocks emerging brands and innovative, healthier items. Emerging brands may target Sprouts shoppers with Carrot Ads. Online browsing can raise awareness and inspire trials.

Sprouts and Instacart started same-day delivery in 2018. Since then, most retailers offer curbside pickup, EBT SNAP payments, virtual convenience, and alcohol delivery and pickup in some areas. and the app use Instacart.

Business implications

All expert reports indicate customers are increasingly buying groceries online. Grocery margins are modest and competition is fierce. Thus, brands must use all means to gain visibility. Online advertising boosts visibility.

Online ad campaigns can effortlessly stretch across platforms to reach more people and boost brand visibility. Managing various campaigns across platforms, websites, and social media becomes more difficult and time-consuming.

It explains why Sprouts wants to build a retail media network sponsored by Instacart’s Carrot Ads Solution. These systems simplify as brands grow. Online advertising on Sprouts and Instacart is effortless.