StoryStream Creates Internet Retailer Live Video Shopping Platform 2023


The premier visual commerce platform driven by artificial intelligence has announced the debut of its Live Video Shopping solution. Following a succession of successful pilot initiatives with companies such as LookFantastic & Lancome, Braun, Oral-B, and Zavvi, this statement was made.

StoryStream and the IMRG have produced research indicating that 62% of online buyers want to see more Live Video Shopping streaming from businesses they follow online (IMRG). Live Video Shopping offers a crucial advancement in the humanization of eCommerce, as the video plays an increasingly essential part in the marketing strategies of brands and merchants.

StoryStream’s innovative technology enables online merchants to effortlessly incorporate Live Video Shopping experiences into their eCommerce websites, therefore giving customers with a more engaging and interactive shopping experience.

With the new Live Video Shopping Studio, online businesses can now simply arrange live shopping events where customers can engage with hosts in real-time, pose questions, and make purchases right from the video feed. The technology also offers dynamic product highlights, emoji replies, and real-time data to assist businesses better comprehend the buying preferences and behaviors of their customers.

Alex Vaidya, CEO of StoryStream, stated, “We are pleased to debut our new Live Video Shopping platform, which we believe will revolutionize the way consumers purchase online.” “Our platform makes it simple for merchants to build dynamic and engaging shopping experiences that connect with customers on a more personal and authentic level – resulting in higher engagement and sales.”

The Live Video Shopping platform is totally customizable and compatible with any eCommerce website. It is also mobile-friendly, allowing users to buy from mobile devices without difficulty.

Vaidya stated, “We’re delighted to witness the effect our Live Video Shopping platform will have on the eCommerce sector.” “Our mission is to equip online merchants with all the tools they need to promote brand loyalty and bring items to life through realistic, interactive shopping experiences.”