SWITCH OVER This week, Sky members receive four free channels 2023


They were already available on Sky Q, but they are now making their debut on Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

Since Sky published new streamed products in October 2021, shopping channels have been conspicuously absent from the two satellite-free services.

And it’s one for shopping enthusiasts.

The media behemoth has been progressively adding channels, beginning with the most popular.

It appears the company is now prepared to add retail channels, beginning with QVC.

Thursday marks the launch of four QVC retail channels on Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

According to RXTVInfo, who reported the debut of the channels, they will all be in HD.

In addition to the main QVC HD channel, viewers will have access to QVC Style HD, QVC Beauty HD, and QVC Extra HD.

However, the channel identifiers will differ from those on Sky Q.

The channels will be available on the following numbers:

  • QVC HD – 601
  • QVC Style HD – 602
  • QVC Beauty HD – 603
  • QVC Extra HD – 604

There will be no action required for the channels to appear.

They should be automatically accessible sometime on Thursday.