One of the most original ways to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed away is with memorial jewelry. Every taste may be catered to with the variety of ways memorial jewellery can be worn. Take a brief look at what we mean when we refer to “memorial jewellery.”

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    Not only are some types of jewelry referred to as memorial jewelry, but they are also occasionally termed funeral jewelry, remembrance jewelry, or jewelry produced from cremated ashes. These types of jewelry are typically fashioned in the form of pendants, rings, and necklaces. Ashes jewelry, also referred to as cremation jewelry, is the newest innovation in memorial jewelry. This method involves creating an enduring and emotional memento of a departed loved one using their hair or cremated ashes.

    Cremation ashes jewelry just needs a tiny bit of the individual’s ashes (or hair) to produce a beautiful and attractive object. While spreading a loved one’s or pet’s ashes or preserving cremated remains is still a popular method to keep the departed near. Families that wish to keep their loved one near to them often choose to give these presents.


    The field of memorial jewelry has been around for a while and offers a variety of options, such as handwritten jewelry, engraved jewelry with a lovely poem or phrase, and jewelry with fingerprint prints in memory of a particular person or pet. Our exclusive line of ashes jewelry, which is painstakingly made with the ashes or hair of your loved one and sealed with jewelry quality polymer, was our first introduction to memorial jewelry at Nicky Robin. It comes in a variety of gorgeous tones.

    Every item of memorial jewelry we sell will be packaged in an eco-friendly gift box with the Nicky Robin logo and a complimentary polishing cloth to ensure your ornate memorial memento looks its best for as long as possible. A certificate of authenticity detailing the name of your departed loved one or pet as well as the name and date of the jewelry maker will be included with your ashes jewelry.


    In addition to crafting exquisite memorial jewelry from the hair or ashes of your departed loved ones, we also provide ashes jewelry to honor the life of your pets. As pets swiftly become members of the family, we will use the same care and consideration while creating a piece with their ashes if you wish to carry their memories with you always.

    The many kinds of jewelry meant for memory

    The emotional significance of memorial jewelry for its owner is immense. In a piece of jewelry, we may incorporate breast milk, hair, fingerprints, ashes, handwritten messages, and even a piece of their beloved’s clothes. With our unique resin, our See You dealers are skilled to handle the assembly procedure on your behalf. The jewelry will be filled with the highest attention to detail and decency. It’s frequently made feasible for you to be there when the filling is being done. Do not be afraid to inquire about the options with the preferred dealer.

    Jewellery with fingerprints

    There are bracelets, charms, cufflinks, pendants, and rings in the fingerprint jewelry collection. With our See You ink pad, creating an impression with your fingerprint is simple. This ink pad is really user-friendly and doesn’t leave any traces on your finger. Usually, just one fingerprint is sufficient to do the task. The stains in the print are “cleaned up” by the goldsmiths in our studio so that it appears as clear as possible before being laser-etched into the jewelry surface.

    This uses your loved one’s fingerprint to produce a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours.

    A real, wearable piece of jewelry

    You may create a piece of jewelry to keep your loved ones near. Using our unique resin, the ashes will be incorporated into the jewelry and are typically kept visible from the front. Our extra color dyes may be used to provide a gemstone-like effect. Additionally, this color dye provides the jewelry a warm, glossy appearance.

    Wearing remembrance jewelry to celebrate a fresh start

    Although memorial jewelry is frequently associated with grieving for a loved one, it can also be used to celebrate a life well lived or to preserve a connection or relationship. Birthstones, handwritten names, fingerprints, foot prints, breast milk, and hair are among the various birth jewelry options available.

    Breast milk integration is appropriate for every item in our line. To make an impression with your hand or foot without leaving an ink mark, we have ink pads available.

    How Do Memorial Jewelry Pieces Operate?

    Memorial jewelry, also referred to as remembrance jewelry, is a special and exquisite way to remember a loved one. As a memento of the time you spent together, it’s a unique way to honor and remember them. Jewelers manufacture these kinds of memorial keepsakes by embedding ashes into jewelry pieces, which can be made of various materials including rose gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, and pendants, as well as rings, bracelets, and dog tags. The cremation ashes are even used by some individuals to create jewelry.

    In other cases, cremated ashes are included within the jewelry. A lock of hair, wilted funeral flowers, or any item of significant meaning might be among these keepsakes.

    You may carry a little bit of your loved one with you at all times with a memorial necklace, keeping their memory, life story, and spirit near to you.



    Some people make the mistake of overdoing their jewelry style without flair, which makes them appear overdone—and not in a good manner. Some could be overly modest and draw little to no notice to their jewelry selections. There are also those who wear the same outfits every day; some of them may be beautiful items, but they lose their appeal after a while (and they probably need to be cleaned too!).

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    Especially when it comes to wearing gold jewelry, you should really try to get the most out of your purchase and style it to make you look your best and showcase it in the right way.

    This is our finest guide on wearing various kinds of gold jewelry. Now let’s get started.


    When it comes to jewelry, you should frequently make an attention-grabbing piece. To put it another way, you’ll want to identify a certain aspect of yourself that you want people to notice. It pays to give this some thought since, whether you realize it or not, it’s a means of sharing something personal with others.

    Wearing too much jewelry in a haphazard manner or wearing additional jewelry that visually clashes with the focal piece of jewelry are frequent mistakes individuals make.

    For instance, if you’re wearing a large pair of hoops earrings and trying to flaunt a gorgeous gold necklace, folks can wind up focusing more on your earrings than your necklace. The earrings will still be a distraction even if they don’t. Rather than doing this, concentrate on one jewelry item that you truly want to be the focal point of your ensemble and organize the rest of your jewelry style around it.

    If you want people to notice your earrings, think about wearing a very modest necklace. Alternatively, go for tiny rings and bracelets instead of a necklace altogether. Wear tiny earrings and delicate rings if your necklace is going to be the main attraction.

    Similarly, if you want to showcase an accessory rather than cover it up, choose simpler jewelry or stay away from wearing too many other accessories when wearing jewelry. If you want everyone to notice your gorgeous scarf, go for delicate gold rings and earrings.

    Lastly, try your hand at both breaking and bending the rules. This is our best advice. If you prefer not to have a single focal point, wear a set of jewelry that complements each other effectively, maybe because it is based on a common color, theme, pattern, or style.

    For example, if you coordinate your outfit, selecting all-gold jewelry with rings, earrings, and necklaces that include the same or a similar-colored gemstone may look stunning. Picture this assortment of jewels worn with a vibrant, color-blocked outfit.


    Gold jewelry is stunning, but that doesn’t imply it goes with everything in your wardrobe. Jewelry should always be thought of as an extension of your wardrobe; examine how it will complement your planned outfits and potential accessory selections.

    Consider carefully which hues will complement your gold jewellery in particular. For example, wearing clothing with tones of dark yellow, golden, orange, or even red might make it disappear. It’s rare to look nice with neon colors, but if you can pull it off, congratulations!

    Simple black or white usually look great with gold jewellery because they draw attention to the exquisite warm hue. Given that blue and gold blend well together, rich, dark blue jewelry set with gold accents will always look stunning—just think of lapis lazuli hues. Another option is to intentionally use contrasting colors, such using bright magenta and gold.

    Before you leave the house, make sure to try on several kinds of jewellery to discover what suits the most. Consider accessorizing your look with a bracelet, necklace, or bigger earrings if you’re wearing something basic.

    Conversely, if your ensemble is more ornate, it can be preferable to wear more muted jewelry so as not to draw attention away from your clothing. Refer to the above for guidance on selecting a focus point.


    In the past, combining gold and silver was considered a stylish faux pas. The good news is that such times are behind us and you may now combine metals with abandon.

    Since real gold is an extremely costly metal, adding little accents of solid gold combined with silver is a lovely way to include rose and gold tones without having to shell out a lot of money for all-gold jewelry. Why not defy convention and try something new? It’s also a lot more enjoyable and imaginative.

    You might wear unique pieces—something we at Simone Walsh Jewellery do a lot—that are made to include both metals. Alternatively, pair thin gold rings or earrings with additional silver jewelry.


    Layering or stacking is a terrific method to showcase numerous pieces of jewelry at once, and the layer or stack itself may become the center focus of your outfit—even though it’s typically a good idea to not wear too much jewelry. It’s also a fantastic way to liven up the most dull clothing or when you’re not sure what to wear.

    Layering necklaces is most effective when done with delicate, lightweight necklaces that vary in length, shape, and size and don’t cross over. It’s a frequent concept to select a focal point and construct the layers around it so that one necklace stands out. But, a more delicate and sparse assortment of tiny but captivating pendants, each of which will catch the eye at a different moment, can also work well with this ensemble.

    Additionally, you may stack numerous distinct rings on one finger or distribute them across other fingers. Try combining different jewels, pairing straightforward bands with ornate cocktail rings, etc. It all depends on the style you want to achieve. Gold rings give a beautiful splash of warm color and are great to add to a ring stack with other metals. Although stacks of rings are a terrific way to blend metals, if the occasion calls for it, go all out and wear an all gold stack for a very classy appearance.