• How to Produce Homemade THC Vape Juice


    Selecting the best THC vape juice might be a difficult task. Though there are a plethora of brands and tastes available, not all will deliver the desired experience. Some may taste excessively fruity or candy-like, which some users may not find appealing; others will be too powerful or too weak; some will leave your lips feeling sticky and unpleasant after use; and some will taste like candy or fruit.

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    Making your own THC vape juice might be the finest option if you’re seeking for the best one.

    THC Vape Juice: What is it?

    One kind of cannabis extract used to create vapor is THC vape juice. Cannabis flowers are typically used to make the THC vape juice that is sold in the US after being extracted using CO2. The concentrated version of the plant’s active components, CBD and THC, that is produced by this technique has several applications.

    The most popular method for consuming THC vape juice is by inhaling the vapor, which may be achieved using a vaporizer or an e-cigarette. Both devices work by heating the liquid to create a gas, which you then breathe in via your nose and mouth.

    People who use cannabis recreationally are utilizing this approach more and more since it gives them the same high without smoking or having the harmful health repercussions that come with it.

    Advantages of Producing Your Own Vape Juice

    THC Level in Your Juice Is Controllable

    Controlling the THC content of your juice is essential to making THC vape juice. The type and grade of cannabis utilized determine the strength of THC, thus being able to control the amount of THC you desire is essential. Everyone should be able to customize their experience according to the THC content of their juice, even though some people want a more subtle hit and others prefer a stronger one.

    You Can Add Your Favorite Flavors

    You have complete control over what ingredients go into your vape juice when you produce it. That means only the necessities—no artificial tastes or colors.

    The product’s strength may also be adjusted, which is great if you need a little additional assistance quitting smoking or if you’re looking for a different method to unwind or get going without using alcohol or highly caffeinated energy drinks.

    You are Aware of Everything You’re Vaping

    However, you have complete control over the ingredients when you manufacture your own vape juice. That means only the necessities—no artificial tastes or colors.

    Additionally, you have control over the product’s strength, which is fantastic if you need a little additional assistance quitting smoking or if you’re looking for a different method to unwind after work without turning to booze or high-caffeine energy drinks.

    Three Methods for Producing THC E-Juice

    Extended Steeping or Pulling

    Steeping or extraction for an extended period of time is one of the simplest methods for producing THC vapor juice. Making the juice is a simple procedure, but it takes around three months.

    Considering how simple this method is, a lot of people think it’s nearly impossible to go wrong. All that has to be done is combine your VG-PG solution with your selected strain after decarboxylation.

    You’ll need the following items if you want to try this method:

    buds of cannabis, the amount depending on your desired level of potency.

    a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin

    pan for baking or any other oven-safe container

    Aluminum Foil

    Canning or Mason jars

    ricer for potatoes





    receptacle for THC vape juice storage

    Grind your buds till they have a coarse texture to begin with. As it guarantees that you strain them correctly, this step is essential.

    Line a baking sheet or ovenproof container with the coarsely ground buds, then tent them with foil. To release the THC from the buds, decarboxylate them.

    As you are decarboxylating your buds, get your PG/VG solution ready. Although pre-mixed solutions can be found, if they don’t suit your tastes, you can prepare your own.

    It’s critical to understand how PG and VG impact your e-juice. While VG thickens the juice and evaporates, PG enhances flavor. It would be ideal to have a healthy balance between these two. The best thing to do would be to try combining 40% PG and 60% VG.

    Once the decarboxylation process is complete, allow the buds to cool before transferring them to an airtight container such as a mason jar. Next, add enough of your solution to the container to completely submerge the buds.

    After stirring the mixture, place the container in a cool, dark area to steep for the next three months. To guarantee that the buds and solution are distributed evenly, stir the mixture every two weeks. Add extra PG/VG solution if the buds are visible above the solution.

    Give your solution one final stir after three months and be ready to strain it.

    Grab your rice press and set it over a glass jar covered in cheesecloth to get your juice ready for straining. Transfer the blend into the rice mill and secure it with the cheesecloth.

    Squeeze the juice into the container using the cheesecloth as a filter. You may fill your syringe with the juice and vape it when you’ve done extracting it.

    Accelerated Infusion

    The lengthy waiting period is eliminated with this THC vape juice production process, which is otherwise quite similar to the steeping approach.

    For this operation, you’ll need the following goods in addition to:

    A twin boiler or two stainless steel pots (for extra convenience)




    Till the buds are immersed in the PG/VG solution, proceed as in the previous steps. After the ground buds have been submerged in the PG/VG mixture, fill the double boiler’s two chambers with water and heat it to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

    After reaching 220 degrees, transfer the PG/VG bud solution to the double boiler and allow it to reach 180 degrees. Maintain it there for around sixty minutes. If you would want a stronger vape juice, you may prolong the duration. As required, add PG/VG combination.

    After the mixture has finished cooking, allow it to cool before straining it, just like you would with the steeping process. After then, you can vape this juice.

    THC-Extracted Rosin Vape Juice

    This is arguably one of the easiest ways to make THC vape juice, although it does need purchasing rosin in advance or utilizing a rosin press. The benefit of employing a rosin press is that it eliminates the requirement for pre-extraction decarboxylation by heating your substance while it extracts. Once you have a rosin press, you may also use an e-nail to vape any rosin you create now and in the future.

    You will need the following to use this method:

    buds of cannabis or rosin

    If you don’t have rosin, use parchment paper and a rosin press.

    glass measuring cup


    Terpenes and Liquidizer

    If you don’t have rosin, follow the extraction instructions on your rosin press. In your Pyrex glass, combine one part rosin and two parts wax liquidizer if you already have rosin. When the rosin is heated enough, combine it with a wax liquidizer by heating it with a lighter or by immersing it in boiling water.