• Benefits of private schools


    A growing number of parents are opting for private school education to equip their kids with the skills they need for a world that is always changing. There is most likely a school to fit every child’s needs, with options ranging from preschools to alternative schools to boarding institutions. These are the justifications for parents’ decision to provide their kids with the exclusive experience of private school and the reasons it’s financially worthwhile.

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    Enhanced educational opportunities

    The provision of extraordinary and demanding educational experiences through extracurricular activities, Advanced Placement courses, the International Baccalaureate program (including the IB diploma program), and talented programs, to mention a few, is one of the acknowledged advantages of private schools. “I didn’t find that in any of my other schools,” says Myriam Choma, a Grade 12 student at Ashbury College in Ottawa, Ontario, “but the IB program focuses on school work and on developing you as a whole person.” Standardized test scores and college admission examinations are consistently at the top for kids attending private schools; in fact, several of these institutions have nearly 100% of their students enrolling in their preferred university.

    Tinier lesson sizes

    According to a thorough investigation on class size conducted in 2002 by educational experts Bruce Biddler and David Berliner, average student performance on academic achievement exams improves with reduced class sizes. Eric Vosko considers his time spent learning at Toronto, Ontario’s Rosedale Day School. Because of how little the school was, I found it strange. It has been a fantastic school, therefore it was undoubtedly the perfect choice. Additionally, the longer a youngster attends a lower class size, the more benefits they receive. Although the size of private schools varies widely, nearly all of them emphasize the value of small class sizes to support each student’s areas of weakness and build on their strengths, depending on their particular teaching style.

    Involvement of parents

    Private schools place a high value on including parents in the community and are designed to facilitate open contact between parents and the administration. Families become a vital part of their child’s education through regular parent-teacher conferences, social gatherings like parent breakfasts and family camping weekends, and parent committee involvement in fundraising campaigns. Additionally, this area of agreement improves parent-child bonds.

    Committed educators

    In a 2007 Fraser Institute research, 91% of parents stated that their primary motivation for selecting a private school was the instructors’ commitment. Instructors frequently have graduate degrees in their fields and are highly competent and enthusiastic about what they teach. Students form close ties with their instructors, who frequently serve as role models, within the close-knit school community. Blake Gage describes his work as a teacher, basketball coach, and house parent to fifty boarders at Brentwood College School in Mill Bay, British Columbia, as “involving most of my life.” Small class sizes also allow teachers to be more easily accessible to assist out extra or push a particular student.

    A secure setting

    Private schools are known for upholding strict rules on behavior and decorum. Less staff-to-student ratios make it possible to monitor and manage school property more successfully. Dangerous behavior is also discouraged at private schools by the strong feeling of community there. According to the Fraser Institute study, 72% of parents whose children attend private schools strongly felt that their school is safe, which significantly raises the standard of the child’s academic performance. When students take responsibility for their attendance and performance in class, the discipline they acquire also increases their chances of success in post-secondary education.

    The local community

    A Fraser Institute poll indicates that 62% of parents whose children attend private schools think the atmosphere there is encouraging, caring, and helpful. Students at MPS Etobicoke in Grade 10 Taranvir Sandhu says, “I made friends right away.” “I love how this place feels like a big family.” It is a common observation made by former pupils that the friendships they made at private school continue to this day. Alumni from private schools frequently have a strong sense of pride, which opens up a wealth of networking opportunities when they enter the profession. in times, this is particularly true in schools with a strong religious component, such Christian, Catholic, Jewish, and Islamic institutions.

    A wealth of resources

    Amazing resources are available at private schools to help students learn in the classroom, on the sports field, in the art studio, and in other settings. Students are given the chance to completely develop their interests and skills through high-quality materials and extracurricular activities.

    After-school pursuits

    Most private schools still prioritize academics, but many also emphasize a well-rounded education and promote involvement in extracurricular activities like clubs, athletics, music, and the arts. According to a Stanford University research, children who are interested in the arts are more driven to learn and are three times more likely to get a school attendance award. This participation helps inspire pupils in their academics. According to Grant MacDonald, whose two children attend South Surrey, British Columbia’s Newbridge Academy, sports “has become part of their daily life.” It has improved their attentiveness. Both of them are excelling academically. Engaging in extracurricular activities may offer a much-needed respite from the demands of the classroom, as well as opportunities for skill development and vital social interactions.

    A common educational philosophies

    There are a plethora of different approaches to education, and selecting a preschool or school that aligns with your personal viewpoint might help your child have a happy, successful educational experience. Whether you favor the arts-based curriculum of a Waldorf or Reggio Emilia-inspired school, or the student-directed learning approach of Montessori, picking the right private school will enable students to develop in a nurturing environment and become independent, while also gaining special skills that suit their learning preferences. According to parent Erin Craig, “Montessori seems to be able to individualize the focus so it pulls out of them what it needs too.”

    Preparation for the world of today and tomorrow

    Private schools can offer pupils a wide choice of specializations, including arts programs, athletics, math, and science, in addition to the core disciplines mandated by the provincial curriculum. Many leaders in industry, politics, and society have come from private schools, and they have a reputation for adjusting swiftly to shifts in culture and technology. Parents of children with special needs, such as those related to behavior (particularly problematic teen behavior), learning, development, or physical disability, are also looking for them these days.

  • A virtual private server, or VPS, is what?


    On a physical server that is owned and managed by a cloud or web hosting provider, a virtual private server, or VPS, functions as an isolated, virtual environment. Virtualization technology is used in VPS hosting to divide a single physical computer into many resource-sharing private server environments.

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    Are you prepared to give it a try? Free $300 credit is offered to new users on Google Cloud, which includes Compute Engine, the tool that allows you to build and operate virtual machines on Google’s network.

    Definition of a virtual private server

    A virtual private server, or VPS, is a virtual system that shares a real server with other customers and offers virtualized server resources. Dedicated server space with allocated resources is what VPS hosting provides, giving you more flexibility and customization than shared hosting.

    How are VPSs operated?

    A virtual private server (VPS) mimics the hosting environment of a dedicated server, even if you share a single physical server with other customers. Your hosting provider partitions the actual server’s operating system (OS) into virtual compartments by installing a hypervisor, or virtual layer, on top of it. Each of these compartments may operate independently of the others thanks to this layer, which enables each to run its own operating system and applications.

    Your resources are assured, even though you are theoretically sharing them with other people. A certain quantity is allotted to your VPS upon payment, and it cannot be utilized by any other account.

    Dedicated vs. virtual private servers

    It’s critical to comprehend the many kinds of web hosting services that are offered before attempting to comprehend the distinctions between a virtual private server and a dedicated server.

    Shared hosting

    When several users share a single physical server and all of its resources, this is known as shared hosting. The processing power and memory of your website, however, might be impacted by the demands of other users because you are not allotted a fixed quantity of resources.

    Dedicated hosting

    On the other hand, dedicated hosting offers a whole physical server with all of its resources set aside just for your company. Everything is completely under your control, including the operating system, hardware, and customized server software.

    VPS web hosting

    In between dedicated and shared hosting is where VPS hosting lies. In contrast to shared hosting, your VPS is given a set quantity of resources. You may also benefit from several features of dedicated hosting, such as root access control, your own operating system, and server apps, at a lower cost.

    To better clarify the distinctions between a VPS and a dedicated server, let’s use the following analogy:

    Reserving a private room at a restaurant to commemorate a special occasion, such as your birthday, is analogous to using a VPS server. You may enjoy a private dining area that can be tailored to your needs, as opposed to sharing a table with other customers at the main restaurant (shared servers).

    You receive all the chairs, tables, plates, and silverware your guests will need, and you are free to arrange them anyway you like. You can ask for an alternative menu or drink special, allowing your guests to customize their orders to suit their preferences. But you have to share the staff, the kitchen, and other facilities with other guests.

    Hiring a caterer and event business and renting out a full venue are similar to hiring a dedicated server. It will be incredibly expensive, but you will have total control over every detail and all the resources will be earmarked only for your group of visitors.

  • Private Transportation Is Better Than Public Transport


    Private transportation contains both non motorized methods of personal transit, and all types of self propelled transport autos. More than 6 million sq. meters of parking spaces were applied to serve the championship buses and utility automobiles. The rules of urban planning must be changed to scale back the usage of cars. Driving consolation shouldn’t be a precedence when planning for suburban streets and city areas.

    If you travel by foot or public transport, you can save time and the environment, as well as stay wholesome. The advantages of public transport on nature and the setting are discussed by a member of the Estonian Green Movement board. The knowledge from Lisbon didn’t show a direct relationship between the 2 parameters under Model 2, though the unstandardized estimate was not statistically important. We have to reject this mannequin and proceed with Model 1 as a end result of Model 2 isn’t legitimate for one of the databases.

    In Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s story “The Minority Report,” characters traveled throughout a futuristic Washington D.C. The grids lined each road and prolonged up the perimeters of buildings. Characters can park their vehicles on the 30th floor of a excessive rise house constructing.

    Private transport

    If you wish to journey as per your schedule with out spending a lot of time in transit, a non-public car is an effective choice. Private is extra handy in the public transport vs personal transport contest. Even if a region is able to creating a public transportation system that can meet the needs of its inhabitants, there could be still an element of private freedom to contemplate. It’s difficult to imagine transferring to a system that doesn’t have non-public ownership.

    Stock Pictures And Images Of Private Transport

    The indicator that I will take for normal trips in Madrid obtained a lower value than the other three indicators. The most valued indicator for all of the cities is the one off trips I will take, and there is agreement for the assertion. Although Berlin, London and Madrid are given the best scores, the differences within the evaluations of the indicators with respect to Rome and Lisbon are insignificant. Private cars have a future if the worth of possession becomes too high for the typical commuter. It would take more than just environmental concerns to offer it up. Public transport runs in accordance with the federal government’s rules.

    Yet there’s a lack of consensus as as to whether that function is partial or full, if it acts as a mediator only between SA and BI factors, or additionally mediates between SQ and BI. The function of INV can be maintained by researchers on regular users. The relationship between the latent components Playa del Carmen Transfer of SQ, SA, INV and BI was examined by de Oa. The findings point out that INV is a full mediator between SA and BI, and SA is a full mediator between SQ and INV. In order to improve the readability of the dialogue part, we now have organized it into two subsections.

    To retain private vehicle customers as users, it’s needed to better understand the features that most influence them. The central idea behind the speculation of planned habits is that an individual’s precise conduct is determined immediately by the BI and that the energy of a person’s willingness to carry out a certain behavior is a measure of that. The ideas of service quality and satisfaction are included within the nicely researched SQ SA BI paradigm. Some authors have discovered proof that SQ may have a direct influence on BI, but this paradigm means that SA is the link between the two. The benefits of road transport’s flexibility had been exploited more and more to fulfill the ever increasing transport wants and needs. Car ownership grew in Europe and North America because the relative value of owning and working a automobile fell, however it’s still falling in some international locations.

    The impact of INV on perceived value and BI was pinpointed by Lai and Chen. When choices lower, the comfort factor may be affected. Most buses and taxis solely function until a certain time after which there are different choices that provide the convenience and adaptability of private transport, but it’s not as price effective because the previously mentioned options. Taking benefit of personal transportation opportunities will cut back transportation stress. Private transportation companies can be utilized for the last word trip.

    Sr Fashions Are Competing

    The outcomes of the regressions present that the entire elements current heterogeneity. It’s essential to notice which regressions have an effect on every factor and to evaluate the signs. The models offered vital and consistent estimates. Both fashions offered the same values for the goodness of match statistics and their ability to elucidate R2 values, but were retained for the next step. The highest density areas need transit networks which may be close to them.

    There are ways to streamline the planning process and develop higher public transport services. Private transport options deliver on accessibility and convenience in ways that public transport systems can’t but they aren’t without limitations. According to a case research carried out by the World Bank, the quality of mass transit techniques can only be decided by greater than commute time.

    Involvement, picture or angle have turn out to be acknowledged as elements influencing customers. The shift from private car use to PT has been attributed to the angle of the person. To date, no publication has carried out an evaluation from the standpoint of private automobile customers in the above research. There is a abstract of the data by regional grouping of cities.

  • The Private Equity Funds Are Private


    It is tough to boost working capital for small privately held companies as they do not but have property or income in opposition to which to borrow from banks. Offering equity to private equity buyers offers them an alternative route to raising capital as well as connecting them with professionals which have experience in their business and with the special wants of young, personal firms. Apollo had been following Verallia for a decade and made several makes an attempt to buy the corporate.

    It would require higher understanding of targets pre acquisition and more worth enhancing intervention throughout ownership. Advisers have to have deep insight into the relevant enterprise sectors and understand corporations thoroughly from an operational and strategic perspective. The international private fairness sector is continually evolving. As a result of decreased returns through the world financial crisis, some investors are more cautious of their strategy to the asset class. A private equity fund’s total objective is to grasp appreciation in the pool of private property acquired within a time frame of typically years. Fund strategies and the sort of assets held will range based on the fund’s stated goals.

    Private equity

    If you presumably can’t hold an investment for at least 10 years, then you should not invest. PE should only be part of your overall funding portfolio in probably the most smart funding strategy. A balanced portfolio of different PE funds may be included within the PE portion of your portfolio. A PE agency requires traders to contribute to a pool of capital with an investment strategy that can buy private fairness investments.

    It is difficult to check private equity efficiency to public equity performance as a result of non-public fairness fund investments are drawn and returned over time as investments are made and subsequently realized. A Private Equity News UK firm buys one other non-public equity group’s firm quite than a listed firm. The offers had been considered a misery sale but have turn into more widespread as a result of elevated specialization by non-public equity firms. One firm may purchase a company to cut prices before selling it to a different PE partnership that wishes to accumulate other companies.

    Over the lengthy term, the common internet return fund traders have made on U.S. private equity is the same because the inventory market return. The buy to sell strategy and classes it offers public firms will remain even when the present private fairness investment wave ends. Because companies in a personal fairness portfolio will soon be sold, they’re beneath fixed pressure to perform. A business unit that has been a half of a public firm’s portfolio for a while and has performed adequately, if not spectacularly, doesn’t get precedence attention from senior management

    Consultants can uncover deal killers, such as significant and previously undisclosed risks, in this part of the process. Some of the largest and most prestigious private equity funds publicly trade their shares. The New York Stock Exchange is the place the Blackstone Group trades, because it has been involved within the takeovers of corporations.

    Apollo Portfolio Efficiency Options Can Be Utilized To Construct Better Firms

    Private equity house owners buy firms they think have value and can be improved. They earn cash by making the company more profitable. When they promote the corporate for greater than they paid, they earn cash. The center market is underserved as a outcome of the most effective gravitate in path of the bigger deals. There are extra sellers than finance professionals with in depth purchaser networks. The member companies of the community of unbiased corporations are affiliated with the worldwide organization.

    Understanding Private Equity Is Important

    Private fairness firms sought to take benefit of improved market situations at the start of the yr to grasp investments as world exit activity totalled $252 billion, almost unchanged from the earlier 12 months. The peak of $113 billion was reached in the second quarter of 2011. TheCityUK estimates that the total amount of exit exercise within the first half of 2012 is lower than it was in the previous year. The managers of private fairness funds spend cash on their own autos and typically give between 1% and 5% of the capital. KKR is the largest non-public equity firm on the earth based on the quantity of personal equity direct investment capital raised over a five yr window. The commonest strategies used by non-public fairness companies are:

    Common fairness funding methods can be utilized by public corporations. Many public firm CEOs worry that the very time period evokes admiration, envy and in their hearts. Private fairness companies have made a lot of money in the previous couple of years. The global value of private equity buyouts greater than $1 billion grew from $28 billion in 2000 to $502 billion in 2006, based on Dealogic, a agency that tracks acquisitions.

    This might be a trump card for a public company that’s competing with non-public equity players. We haven’t discovered any large public companies within the industrial or service sector that explicitly pursue versatile ownership as a way to compete within the personal equity sweet spot. During intervals of actively selling companies, the aim is normally to make an overly diversified portfolio extra targeted and synergistic, not to notice value from efficiently accomplished performance enhancements. Companies need to rethink taboos about selling businesses after seeing the success of private equity. There could be lots of publicly traded competitors to private fairness.

    Private equity could enable management to take a long run view if it conflicts with the new owners’ objective of constructing the biggest attainable return on investment. The company’s prior management might not have had the experience of the non-public equity firm. It may assist the company develop an e commerce strategy. A non-public fairness firm buying a company could bring in its own management staff or retain prior managers to execute an agreed upon plan. When a non-public fairness firm acquires an organization, it’ll have a plan in place to extend the funding’s value. The company’s administration may have been reluctant to take steps that could include dramatic cost cuts.

  • Why are life insurance coverage, health insurance and property insurance related to you? The aim of the course is to find the answers to these questions and lots of different similar questions. Managing your personal funds consists of insurance buying. Personal finance is managing your cash to avoid wasting for the longer term. Managing bills and debt, tips on how to save and make investments, and how to plan for retirement are a variety of the subjects coated. It can include methods to guard yourself with insurance, construct wealth and ensure that wealth is passed on to the individuals you need it to cross to.

    In the final chapter, we mentioned how rolling returns give a greater perception into the return pattern than a simple level to point return. The previous chapter gave a perspective on how returns are calculated. The market is down 30% from its peak, as I write this, and we live in strange instances. Markets get hammered for a variety of causes. The idea of the time value of money is that cash at the current time is more valuable than cash sooner or later because of its potential incomes capability.

    If you make $50,000 a 12 months however spend $65,000, you will end up with debt that may compound because you will be spending greater than you make. Income, spending, financial savings, investing and safety are a few of the elements. Even though the safest investments could yield lower than inflation, investors on the different end of the age spectrum are inspired to cut again. Taking fewer risks is necessary as the variety of years you want to earn cash and get well from dangerous financial instances dwindles, but at age 60 or sixty five, you could have 20, 30, or even more years to live.

    personal finance

    Three recommendations on tips on how to approach early money conversations with a future associate are based on my expertise of teaching many ladies in the course of monetary independence. There is no backup plan in case the Supreme Court strikes down the coed mortgage forgiveness plan. People who work less than 80 hours a month would not be considered for Medicaid roles. People with disabilities and household caregivers are in danger. During Women’s History month, First Bank celebrates Twinkal Patel, a Level III IT Specialist who needs to advertise development and schooling. Fidelity does not provide authorized or tax recommendation and the data supplied is general in nature.

    You will learn precisely which challenges actual folks face and how they tackle them if you learn personal finance articles. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars are left on the desk yearly as a outcome of a very complex tax code. If you maximize your tax savings, you will free up money that might be invested in your reduction of past debts, enjoyment of the current, and plans for the lengthy run. If you wait so lengthy as attainable, you can convert a term life insurance coverage to permanent life. Always pay your bills on time and keep away from maxing out credit cards.

    If the borrower enrolls in auto pay, some private and federal loans are eligible for a price discount. Income, saving, spending, investing, and safety are the five areas of non-public finance. Individual objectives and wishes and a plan to meet these needs inside your financial constraints additionally affect how you approach the above gadgets.

    Don’t Depart Your Loved Ones’s Future To Probability: A Information To Nominating Trustees For Financial Devices In India

    An analysis of the information shared by Value Research showed that Exchange Traded Funds have been better performers than actively managed equity mutual… People continued to take on debt despite high inflation and rising rates of interest. Legal and tax advice just isn’t provided by the TIAA group of corporations. You ought to consult along with your tax or legal advisor to deal with your specific circumstances.

    The States The Place People Have The Most Debt Are Ranked

    To make certain cash is put aside for unforeseen expenses, such as medical bills, a big car restore, daily bills should you get laid off and extra, it could be very important pay yourself first. Three to 12 months of dwelling bills is what the ideal safety net is. It’s essential to dedicate a while to realize an understanding of investing, it is difficult for these unfamiliar with it. If you do not have time, you could benefit from hiring an expert to help make investments your cash. Spending is where the majority of income goes. Spending is how an individual uses their earnings.

    If there is a surplus between what a person earns and what they spend, the difference can be directed towards financial savings or investments. Financial literacy is the flexibility to understand and use monetary skills. There are many ways to improve your financial literacy.

    Protection is the strategy folks use to guard themselves from unexpected events, similar to accidents and illnesses. Life and health insurance and property and retirement planning are included in safety. Cash idling in a financial savings account turns into wasteful as a outcome of it loses purchasing power over time. Cash not tied up in an emergency or spending account should be put in something that can assist it develop and keep its value. It’s get up calls that inventory market crashes can occur abruptly in a disaster and that everybody needs a disaster funding plan.

    The guidelines underneath the Foreign Exchange Management Act have been amended to allow bank card spending outdoors of India under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme. From July 1, such bank card transactions business shall be topic to a better tax price. You will learn to decide which debt to pay based on minimal month-to-month funds or the very best interest rates.

  • This way, they can file personal damage claims in your behalf when you are recuperating. You ought to rent a lawyer who specializes in personal harm claims if you’ve been injured and you imagine the other celebration was at fault. In some states with comparative negligence legal guidelines, you can also file a personal damage lawsuit when you shared a share of fault. Your attorney will be in a position to explain your state’s laws and tell you when you have a sound case. What else do you have to know if you’re contemplating hiring an attorney?

    Ravipudi LLP know tips on how to meet the court’s strict submitting requirements, so our purchasers can concentrate on restoration. Our attorneys have been repeatedly recognized for excellence by different trial attorneys, legal organizations and publications nationwide. Personal injury legal professionals assist these harm in an accident get the monetary assist they deserve from the liable celebration (or their insurance coverage company). LegalZoom offers access to independent attorneys and self-service tools. Use of our products and services are governed by our

    Personal injury lawyer

    By limiting the range of instances they deal with, personal harm legal professionals are in a place to acquire specialised information and experience. Ben Crump is an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight that can help you recuperate compensation for your accidents. Although he is greatest known as a civil rights lawyer, Mr. Crump works to see justice prevail in all sectors of the regulation. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact him right now for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Our Michigan personal harm attorneys focus on how the emotional cost and suffering after a automobile accident incessantly goes as an undiagnosed harm and it is rather actual and infrequently very debilitating. Our Michigan private harm attorneys can considerably enhance the value of your settlement and they will defend you towards insurance corporations that try to reap the benefits of you.

    To do that, we have to know not only how severe the injury is however how long it’s likely to take to get better and whether there are going to be any lasting results. For this reason, we are likely to must see your medical data and for you to endure a medical examination. Don’t worry, it will usually solely take 20 minutes and be performed by a medical professional. We’ll talk about all of this in additional element when we communicate, to ensure you’re 100 percent pleased that you just understand every step of the process.

    What Is Private Damage Law?

    Having an lawyer means there will be “teeth” behind calls for for compensation. Furthermore, trying to resolve a case by yourself previous to hiring an lawyer may have a adverse impression on your case when you determine to rent an legal professional later. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers provides a free, no-risk consultation where the professionals and cons of hiring a la wyer in your particular case could be mentioned. While the trial value of a Los Angeles personal injury declare will doubtless eclipse the possible settlement value, reaching a speedy resolution in a settlement is useful to all events.

    This can encompass many issues, similar to a health care provider offering care, or another motorist driving their automotive. We are one hundred pc committed and devoted to maximizing your restoration and obtaining the justice and compensation that you just deserve. Jeffrey Johnson wrote a movie about Robin Hood time-traveling when he was six. With a history Atlanta Georgia diploma, an MFA in screenwriting, and a J.D., Jeffrey is at residence writing in quite lots of media and on a variety of matters. He has been a head writer and managing editor and primarily writes and edits on authorized and insurance matters.

    £100,000 Settlement For Tripping At Work

    Once retained, a private damage lawyer can advise and help you negotiate a settlement. If the settlement amount is not cheap given the details of your case and harm, a personal injury lawyer should be prepared to take your case to courtroom. Let’s take a closer take a look at what private harm attorneys do after they are approached with a case. You need a private damage lawyer when you have been injured in an accident. A personal damage lawyer may help you pursue a case towards the negligent individual(s) who caused your damage. To communicate with an experienced Michigan personal injury lawyer from Michigan Auto Law name now or fill out our contact type for a free consultation.

    Take Notice Of How They Interact With You

    Personal injury legal professionals are civil lawyers that primarily deal with instances of negligence and intentional tort. Generally speaking, a ‘tort’ is a legal time period that refers to an act that causes damage or hurt to a different individual. Personal harm lawyers can be retained to recover money, or damages, from a negligent individual responsible for causing an injury. These circumstances typically involve the injured party looking for medical expenses, personal suffering, property damages, misplaced wages and different things arising from their harm. Our legislation agency is the biggest auto regulation agency within the state that specializes in serving to people who have been injured in automobile, truck and bike accidents. We have more than 50 years of expertise serving to automotive accident victims identical to you.