If this is your first time chartering, it is imperative that you comprehend the specifics of your vessel hire. We have put together the most pertinent and current content, carefully selected using our professionals’ specialized knowledge, to help you get ready for your boat consultation. With Yachting Company, you can rent a private boat and explore the globe at your own pace.

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    What are the advantages of hiring a boat?

    Hiring a crewed boat is one common option for luxury charter vacations. You could be able to enjoy the most opulent surroundings, roomy cabins, an amazing assortment of amenities, and excellent onboard service. Compared to cruise resorts, luxury boats are thought of as luxurious, self-contained havens. There are no set hours or schedules for your charter, so you can take advantage of total privacy and on-demand services from a highly skilled crew.

    Which kind of boat should I rent?

    Yachting Company offers a wide range of boats that are perfect for any type of vacation. Families and friends who want to explore paradisiacal islands and bays are more likely to choose a luxury motor boat that is packed with toys and tenders, but sailors who want to feel the breeze and experience the seas with full sails are more likely to choose a sailing yacht. Conversely, adventure seekers will find an explorer boat perfect for exploring far-off and undiscovered areas. Once you’ve decided what kind of vacation would be most enjoyable for you, the outstanding staff of consultants at Yachting Company will meticulously choose from an array of luxurious boats to meet your needs.

    How many passengers is my boat rental allowed to hold?

    Most people adore the grace and beauty of renting a boat with loved ones, but some people would rather have more private experiences. Whatever the case, a team of knowledgeable experts from our organization will carefully choose a variety of luxurious containers to fit every guest in your party.

    If I rent a private boat, where can I go?

    You are free to explore the sailing area at your own speed when you hire a private boat. Boat charters provide access to some of the world’s most alluring and sought-after locations, including the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean. Some people would like to leave the heavily trafficked waterways behind and cruise up to the magnificent Norwegian Fjords on their superyachts. Tell us about the specifics of your ideal location, and we’ll make it a reality.

    What time of day is best to charter a yacht?

    Any time of year is a great time to rent a boat and explore the world. If you want to attend during busy times, it’s best to make reservations in advance. For instance, in the Caribbean, December and January are the ideal months to travel, and in the Mediterranean, July and August. When renting a private boat during specific times, schedule your appointment well in advance to ensure the best selection from our fleet. For the dates you have in mind, our knowledgeable consultants can help you locate the perfect yacht rental.

    What should one anticipate from a boat charter?

    Visitors are required to pay the standard charter rate, which covers the crew, insurance, and use of the opulent vessel. Gasoline, mooring fees, and provisioning costs are examples of additional costs. Up to 25–40% more than the standard charter rate that guests usually pay is covered by the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), which is paid for and collected prior to the cruise.

    The captain of your private crewed charter will record your onboard expenses and return any money that is left to you personally. Inquire with our yachting business consultants about any potential additional costs. Depending on where you are taking your superyacht, there are numerous forms of contracts available. The experts can provide precise quotes for any sailing-related needs you may have.

    Is it feasible to arrange my schedule while hiring a boat?

    Indeed, having a boat rental gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. As soon as you board your opulent crewed yacht rental, you can customize your schedule to fit your preferences. Your yacht charter crew will be pleased to fulfill any request, whether it be to set out early each day to visit a new location or just to cruise around to neighboring bays at your own pace. You can create a custom boating itinerary or choose from one of our carefully curated options by getting in contact with us.

    What makes renting a boat from Yachting Company the best choice?

    Yachting Company is an exceptional international brokerage with a team of highly qualified and informed personnel. There are 1400 luxury yacht charters available worldwide; perhaps one of them will suit your needs exactly. In contrast to other brokerages that offer a fixed approach to their charter packages, we customize our yacht charters to fit your needs. In addition to less-traveled areas, we can arrange for you to visit well-known anchorages and Mediterranean crossings.