• Boltless shelves: what are they?


    Choosing and implementing the appropriate shelving system is crucial if you manage a warehouse or a firm that needs a large amount of storage space. It might be challenging to select the ideal storage system, though. There are so many options available from rack vendors and manufacturers nowadays that it may be overwhelming. Therefore, it is essential to understand which shelving option warehouse owners most like.

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    Because boltless shelving systems provide so many advantages for warehouses, storage facilities, and stockrooms, they are now making headlines.

    Boltless shelves: what are they?

    Other names for boltless shelves include riveted shelves or fastener shelves. Boltless shelves are just that—boltless! Unlike other shelf systems! There are no bolts, nuts, or screws holding them together. Rather, they have snap-in rivets that allow you to construct shelves of any size you need. This storage system differs from other shelves and racks because of this.

    There are two varieties of boltless shelving: normal and long-span.

    Single-rivet or regular rivet-free shelving

    Boltless shelves with a single rivet are constructed from aluminum decking, wood, or particle board. These straightforward and lightweight shelf solutions are perfect for storing light- to medium-weight goods. Boltless shelves with a single rivet consist of:

    Thin 48-inch steel beams

    appearance of lightness

    Steel sheets that are cold-rolled

    All light and medium applications can benefit from the sufficient structural stability offered by these qualities. tiny packaging distribution centers, home garages, and stores that sell tiny tools and replacement parts all employ single-rivet boltless shelving.

    Boltless Long-Span Shelving

    Because of its sturdy construction, which enables them to support larger and heavier objects up to 96 inches wide, these boltless shelving systems are often referred to as long-span shelving.

    Stronger steel is frequently used for the posts and decking, which results in exceptional structural integrity. Although this unit is stronger due to the extra strength, there is a minor disadvantage: less access to the device exists than with a single-rivet unit. Long-span shelving is used in supply rooms, distribution centers, and other types of storage facilities. These systems are frequently utilized with pallet racking systems and other conventional industrial shelf systems.

    Why Installing Boltless Shelving Systems Has Seven Great Benefits

    1. Installed without effort

    In order to install other shelf units, how many tools do you need? You employ your entire toolkit, we wager. However, all you’ll need is a hammer or rubber mallet with boltless shelves. All you have to do is put the pieces together, pound them in place with your rubber mallet, and presto! In little time at all, the full device is constructed. Less pieces mean less work to assemble and less money saved on shipping.

    2. Simple customization

    Because boltless shelf customization is quick and simple, it can be completed quickly. Boltless shelves are available in an array of sizes and arrangements. The modules are simply customizable to fit your warehouse’s available space. As an extra bonus, these shelves are perfect for storing heavy, delicate, and oddly shaped things in addition to small objects.

    3. Wide range of accessibility

    Boltless shelving offers enough of room on both sides, which is one of its main advantages. Better accessibility makes it easier to find things and saves time searching for them. Additionally, it facilitates cleaning, which raises efficiency and safety.

    4. Optimization of space

    Boltless shelving may be connected and arranged to maximize the amount of space in your warehouse by leaving as little gap between units as possible. Your shelving system should enable you to make efficient use of the available space in your warehouse, regardless of its size. The finest option for making the most of your available space and efficiently storing the greatest number of items is boltless shelving.

    5. Increased robustness and security

    Galvanized steel is used to create boltless shelves, giving them a long lifespan. Corrosion and rust are not problems to be concerned about. Your items are stored in a secure atmosphere thanks to your boltless shelves. Additionally, it lessens the possibility of mishaps when your employees are navigating the warehouse and retrieving merchandise.

    6. Reasonable pricing range

    Searching for an affordable storage option? Boltless shelving is the finest option, according to experts. Compared to other systems, these shelving solutions are significantly more reasonably priced. In addition, given their longevity, they are unquestionably a fantastic one-time purchase with a fantastic return on investment.

    7. Incredible adaptability

    Boltless shelving is a flexible shelving solution since it can be adjusted into an endless number of combinations. Every square inch is functional since there are no sway bracing or panels and the user may reach the shelves from any direction.

    Do you want to move your boltless shelves around? An army of helpers or a sizable toolkit are not necessary. Your existing equipment may be easily disassembled and reassembled to your specifications. With its easy construction, you can avoid the expensive installation fees associated with conventional racks and shelves.