• A Buyer’s Guide: What Are Plantation Shutters?


    Do you want to install plantation shutters in your house but are unsure where to begin? Everything you need to know about plantation shutters—from the various kinds available to their advantages—will be covered in this blog post. Upon completion, you will possess the knowledge necessary to determine if plantation shutters are the appropriate choice for you.

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    Plantation shutters: What Are They?

    Plantation shutters have a lengthy history that dates back to the Old South’s plantations. Originally intended to shield dwellings from the sun and heat, these straightforward yet efficient window coverings are now a common interior design element in homes all around the world. Traditional window coverings may be replaced with more modern plantation shutters, which provide several advantages for homeowners.

    How Do Shutters on Plantations Operate?

    A sort of window covering made of movable slats or louvers is called a plantation shutter. You may change these slats to control the amount of light that enters your house. Plantation shutters bring in a lot of light and offer a nice view when they are open. When closed, they provide total seclusion and keep out heat and sunshine.

    Generally speaking, they feature broader louvers than conventional shutters, with widths ranging from 1 7/8 to 5 ½ inches. The most popular widths for louvers are 2 ½, 3 or 3 ½ inches. greater windows are a great fit for wider louvers since they let in more light and provide a greater perspective. There are two types of louvers: elliptical and flat.

    Plantation shutters: What Are They Made Of?

    Certain plantation shutter materials are more suited for specific rooms or applications than others because to their unique advantages and disadvantages. For instance, while more aesthetically beautiful than PVC, wooden shutters need more upkeep.

    Plantation shutters made of real wood

    Wooden shutters are a terrific alternative if you want to give your house a bit more elegance. They will surely give character to any space because they are available in a range of warm hues and each one has a different grain pattern. Despite often costing more than other shutter kinds, they are incredibly strong and long-lasting.


    Wood shutters are available in an extensive range of hues and textures;

    Natural wood even more enhances the classic beauty;

    Compared to other materials, wood is lighter and stronger;

    A home’s value can rise and its appeal to potential purchasers might be enhanced with wooden shutters.

    Negative aspects

    Generally speaking, wood is 10–40% more expensive than other materials;

    Long-term moisture exposure will reduce its useful life;

    To maintain their finest appearance, wooden shutters need to be regularly cared for and maintained.

    Plantation Shutters with Faux Wood

    PVC and wood composite are used to create faux wood plantation shutters, a fantastic substitute that still offers the opulent appearance of real wood without the high cost.


    The least costly choice for shutters is faux wood;

    Faux-wood shutters are especially relevant in damp environments;

    Faux wood shutters need little upkeep and are simple to clean;

    They are a safe and ecologically beneficial alternative.

    Negative aspects

    There is a small range of colors available for faux wood shutters;

    Compared to actual wood components, faux wood is heavier;

    The best solution might not be imitation wood if you need to cover enormous windows.

    Pros and Cons of Shutters for Plantations


    They provide excellent light filtering and provide excellent ventilation.

    They are classic, coming in a variety of colors and styles to fit any type of house;

    Plantation shutters will raise your home’s value;

    They have an extremely lengthy lifespan and are engineered to survive;

    They provide excellent protection against sun fading of your furniture and floors;

    Comparing shutters to other window coverings, you may help save up to 14% on heat loss.


    The cost of plantation shutters is significantly more than that of other options;

    For your shutters to always look their best, they need to have preventative maintenance done on a regular basis.

    The Diverse Plantation Shutter Styles

    There are several plantation shutter options available, each with a distinct design. There is a plantation shutter for everyone, whether you want a more modern or classic style.

    One kind of window treatment that extends the whole length of the window frame is called a full-height shutter. Since full-height shutters cover the whole window, they’re a terrific choice if you want the most seclusion possible. Additionally, they work well in a variety of places in the house, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

    Only the lower half of the window is covered with café-style shutters, leaving the upper portion uncovered. They are ideal for windows on the ground floor of living rooms and kitchens. With the help of these shutters, you can give your windows more seclusion while still letting in plenty of natural light.

    Two distinct panels that may be opened and closed separately are features of tier-on-tier shutters. The ability to have the bottom panels closed for privacy while yet allowing enough of light to enter through the upper panels is one useful feature of this design.

    Complete solid panel shutters are particularly long-lasting and low-maintenance since they are mostly constructed of one solid piece of wood, lack separate slats or louvers, and cover the entire window frame without louvers. They are an excellent option for anyone who wants to keep their windows looking like classic Victorian windows.

    With panel shutters that are partially solid on the bottom, you may achieve insulation, security, and seclusion. However, you can simply adjust the upper part to allow in more or less light according on your preferences or the time of day. For individuals who desire the best of both worlds, half-solid shutters are the ideal option because of this.

    Any difficult-to-fit window can have custom-made shutters that enhance the window’s inherent attractiveness. When it comes to shutters, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To fit every window, they are available in a range of sizes and forms. Shutters are the perfect answer if covering a tough window is a challenge for you.

    With numerous panels on the track that may fold back to either or both sides at a 90° angle to the track, bi-fold shutters are either mounted on tracks or hinged together. Bi-folding shutters provide you a lot of options, whether you want to tilt the louvers or fully open the shutters. They work great with flat windows and doors as well.

    By-pass shutters work with a little nylon guide at the bottom to maintain both panels in alignment and run on a track that is usually found at the top of the frame. This makes it possible for the shutters to move open and closed with ease and smoothness.

    Combining a blind system with louvered shutters, blackout plantation shutters (also known as room darkening plantation shutters) may help completely darken a space. It’s a chic double-layered honeycomb blind that can drastically cut light that sits between the window and the shutters. and are ideal for stylishly darkening your house.

    The aesthetics of your shutters should be taken into account while remodeling your house or selecting new window treatments. To get ideas and inspiration for choosing the ideal shutter style for your room, see our guide below.

    What Is the Price of Plantation Shutters?

    Plantation shutters cost an average of $2,300 to cover a home’s interior windows. However, the materials and sizes utilized might affect its pricing. Generally speaking, composite shutters are not far behind wood plantation shutters in terms of cost. Generally speaking, vinyl is the most affordable option.

    When it comes to selecting shutters for your house, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; rather, it all relies on your taste in style and financial constraints. Custom wood shutters are the way to go if cost is no barrier. These will make your house stand out from the others, but expect to spend between $200 and $350 on each window. If composite shutters are more your thing, their typical price range is $80 to $200 per unit. The type of wood used can also affect the cost; mahogany is more expensive than pine, for example.

    Finding plantation shutter suppliers in Australia is possible, but it’s a good idea to know how to buy from the most reliable, high-caliber businesses. The essential advice for working with Chinese plantation shutter firms is covered in this post so that you can be sure you’re getting just the highest quality items.

    How Are Plantation Shutters Cleaned?

    It’s recommended to forgo the liquids and sprays if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your wood shutters. Rather, begin by using a rag to dust in order to get rid of any loose dirt. After that, clean any deeper places that require attention with a little brush. Lastly, softly polish the frame of the furniture using a microfiber cloth. After cleaning, polish the louvers and frame.

    To avoid filth and dust accumulation, it’s critical to clean your vinyl shutters on a regular basis. A microfiber cloth works well for cleaning them as it can remove any dirt. Ordinary home cleansers will function flawlessly if all you did was spray dirt from your plants onto the shutters. Simply use the cleanser and cloth to clean the frame and louvers.