The Great Win-Win promotion by Cadbury honors the UK corner shop. 2023


The new integrated campaign that Cadbury is launching is called “The Great Win-Win,” and it will celebrate the contributions that neighborhood corner stores provide to their surrounding communities.
This will also return the spotlight back to the core selection of single Cadbury chocolate bars, which are commonly picked up at local merchants. This will take the shape of a countrywide competition, in which individuals will have the opportunity to win money for both themselves and their neighborhood business.

A 15-inch film that interacts with consumers over the course of a day has also been produced for Cadbury-owned social media sites. This film depicts real store owners and their businesses, and it takes place over the course of a day.

“Corner stores play an important part in our communities and we want to highlight how much we support them and offer people the chance to celebrate their local shopkeeper,” said Victoria Grzymek, Senior Brand Manager at Cadbury. “We want to give people the chance to celebrate their local shopkeeper.”

“Over the course of the past several years, they have been there for us, and they deserve the accolades for helping us get through challenging circumstances. This campaign was built on the notion that winning together is better, which speaks to Cadbury’s fundamental mission of encouraging acts of charity and bringing people together.

OOH, retail creative, and social aspects, in addition to a specialized campaign website, were all produced by Cadbury in collaboration with the Retail Experience team at VCCP, the firm Bernadette, which specializes in product and service innovation, and the content creation studio Girl&Bear.

According to Angus Vine, the Creative Director at VCCP, “Not only will individuals have the opportunity to give back, but they will also have the opportunity to taste some great chocolate.” We are thrilled to be able to contribute to Cadbury’s mission of bringing happiness to people all around the country. These local businesses require our assistance, and this campaign gives us the chance to provide that assistance.

Customers who have purchased one of the participating Cadbury singles chocolate bars have the opportunity to enter the aforementioned competition by going to the campaign website. They will need to fill out their information, input the barcode and batch code that can be found on the package, and then hit the submit button.

They will then be sent an email, in which they will be required to click the link provided in the email in order to validate their email address and discover whether or not they have won a cash award for themselves as well as cash for their neighborhood corner store.

Beginning today and continuing through the 14th of May, the campaign will run across several platforms, including OOH, retail creative, and on social media Meta and YouTube. The wrap up prize draw will end on the 15th of August.

Ogilvy PR is in charge of the consumer public relations effort that is helping to support it.