Three Countertop Types to Take Into Account When Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom


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In recent years, marble countertops have become increasingly popular. In terms of aesthetics and upscale new construction, “marble is still king,” according to Warburg Realty in New York realtor Allison Chiaramonte. It’s not hard to see why. This natural stone gives a kitchen an instant upgrade and a sleek, modern appearance. Though there are various hues available for marble countertops, such as taupe, brown, gray, and even green, nothing compares to the striking white marble finish. No two marble worktops are precisely the same.

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But this stone is definitely not the most sensible option. Because marble is softer than other natural stones, you should use caution and good cutting boards. Marble will scratch if you cut it straight.

Another problem with marble is that spills may quickly turn into long-lasting stains due to its porous nature. This implies that you should wipe the surface often and act quickly to mop up any unintentional spills of lemon juice and red wine. Fortunately, advances in technology are making marble slightly more resilient. “New sealants are making this notoriously-risky countertop less worrisome for messy chefs,” Chiaramonte claims.

Marble is special because it keeps a naturally low temperature, which is perfect for those who want to bake. Dough may be easily rolled out and shaped on marble.

Surprisingly, this kind of countertop may also be more reasonably priced. Marble may appear elegant and sophisticated, but certain varieties, like Carrara, may be reasonably priced.


Do you cook a lot, have a big family, or just want to be sure you spend your money on a long-lasting, all-around sturdy countertop? In such case, quartz could be your best option. It may surprise you to hear that quartz countertops are actually a composite stone composed of genuine quartz and a resin binder rather than being produced entirely of quartz. In addition, this stone is extremely durable, non-porous, and never has to be resealed.

Chiaramonte thinks it’s a wise investment. “We are seeing an increasing number of quartz countertops being coveted by buyers and sellers alike,” according to her.

Quartz countertops are a terrific way to mimic the look of real stones like granite or marble without having to worry about durability because they are manufactured.


For many years, granite countertops have been the norm due to the natural stone’s exceptional durability. Granite comes with a wide variety of flecks and variances in both bright and dark tones. Granite also has the advantage of having a wide range of edge options, such as square, beveled, ogee (an S-shaped cut), and half and full bullnose.

Granite countertops are very low maintenance and easy to clean, however it’s recommended to use a natural and plant-based granite countertop cleaner instead of harsh cleaning chemicals. One such product is Method’s granite countertop cleaner. All you need to clean granite is a little soap and water. Because certain granites are more porous than others, stain prevention may need to be done on a regular basis.

You may put pots straight from the oven on the granite counter since granite is heat-resistant. No need for a trivet! But, cutting straight on granite is not a good idea since the stone is so hard that it would dull your knife.