varieties of cruiser bikes


Although there are many other styles, sizes, and designs of cruiser motorcycles, these are the most popular varieties that you can buy and see on the streets.

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Beach cruiser bicycles

The most traditional type of cruisers are beach cruiser motorcycles, which are frequently the first bikes that people think of when they hear the word. Given that they frequently feature a coaster brake and just one speed, beach cruisers are the least complicated and most economical type. To hit the boardwalk, just remember to maintain the tires aired and lubricate the chain occasionally!

motorcycles with gears for cruisers

Additionally, cruiser bikes are available in geared variants that typically have extra amenities like hand brakes, several gears, and rear rack attachments. They provide greater control and adaptability while maintaining the cruiser style. These bikes double as comfortable commuters and beachfront exploration tools.

Cruiser bikes powered by electricity

It’s understandable why electric cruiser motorcycles have grown so popular in recent years. With the pedal assist motor, you get all the comfort and flair of a beach cruiser, all the adaptability of a geared bike, and the ability to ride farther and faster with less effort. A win-win-win situation exists!