Warren County to get an outdoor gear consignment shop 2023


A request for information regarding an event at Lebanon’s Bike Park has resulted in the opening of a new downtown business.

Arrow Adventure is a new brick-and-mortar consignment store for outdoor recreation equipment that will open on May 13 at 44 E. Mulberry St. According to West Chester owner Niki Marengo, the establishment is believed to be one of the first of its kind in Ohio.

The new business, according to Marengo, will offer used equipment for biking, backpacking, camping, climbing, and paddling, as well as classes and workshops taught by local specialists.

“I took a chance. We connect those who have with those who need.”

Arrow Adventure will host an event at the Lebanon Bike Park on May 6 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. that will include an introductory mountain bicycling class and a cookout, according to Marengo.

The mountain bike class will be held from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. In an effort to develop inventory, outdoor enthusiasts can sell items under $100 or open a consignment account with the store.

Marengo, a native of Oxford, Ohio, stated that she grew up in the woods and appreciates nature. She began backpacking with a companion seven years ago and has completed five segments of the 2,190-mile, 14-state Appalachian Trail. Typically, she treks 30 to 50 miles per year.

Marengo stated that she appreciates backpacking for the solitude and opportunity to meditate, in addition to the chance to meet new people.

She stated, “I had completed half-marathons, but this (backpacking) seemed like a challenge.”

Scott Brunka, the municipal manager, stated that Marengo contacted the city about organizing an event at the Lebanon Bike Park. After Marengo met with Brunka, the director of the municipal parks, and the owner of Lebanon Brewing Company to discuss the event, he reported that they encouraged her to consider opening a business in Lebanon.

“We promote our parks as part of the city’s quality of life,” Brunka said. “This is an example of our parks promoting the city.”

Brunka, who also values backpacking and outdoor recreation, characterized Arrow Adventure as a unique business opportunity that contributes to the city’s efforts to diversify its business base. Mulberry Street is also located in the festival district of downtown Lebanon.

Brunka exclaimed, “We’re very excited about this new business opportunity.”

Brunka was commended by Marengo for convincing her to establish her business in Lebanon, citing the city’s bike trail system and proximity to other nearby trails, the Bike Park, and numerous downtown activities.

“The space is perfect,” she declared. “So far, following my intuition has been a very positive experience. Lebanon’s downtown is extremely attractive and hosts numerous events. I also enjoy the communal spirit.”

She stated that the establishment is situated in Lebanon’s Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area and has a fence and tables along East Mulberry Street. Marengo intends to acquire a state liquor license in order to establish a small bar in her store as part of the downtown events.

Her father, Dean Dillingham of Oxford, and her brother, Tony, of Springboro, as well as her network of acquaintances, are assisting in preparing the store for its opening.

“They’ve supported me tremendously,” Marengo said.

She credits her network of supportive peers for her success.

“You can’t do it without them,” said Marengo. “Becoming an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. “You must continue to work diligently every day in order for opportunities to present themselves.