What can one anticipate from a Tanzanian safari?


Traveling to Tanzania

Africa has a unique charm that includes breathtaking sunsets that make you feel as though time has stopped, isolated spots where the starry sky genuinely awes you, and experiences with nature that will forever alter your perspective on the world.

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Wildlife safaris, which enable guests to get up close and personal with wild creatures in their natural habitat while also supporting national environmental conservation initiatives through protected areas or national parks, are the greatest and most fascinating ways to see nature in Africa.

And make Tanzania your first choice for a safari location out of all the African countries. More than just a holiday, a safari in Tanzania will change your perspective on nature and let you appreciate the grandeur of the wild in a whole new manner.

Features that set a Tanzanian safari apart


Tanzania is without a doubt the greatest place for a wildlife safari since it boasts the greatest animal species in all of Africa.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Ngorongoro Crater is renowned for having the highest animal population density in the world per square meter. In Ngorongoro Crater, visitors may spy on the critically endangered black rhino. The opportunity to view the greatest variety of species is provided by visiting this outstanding conservation area, which is a genuinely unique natural experience.

Because of its distinctive ecology, the fact that it is home to the greatest number of ungulates on the planet, and the fact that it has more predators concentrated in one place than any other place in the world, Serengeti National Park has also been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Serengeti to witness the wildebeest migration firsthand. You may even choose for a hot air balloon ride or a chartered plane ride to watch it from the air.

Aside from one of the biggest baboon tribes in Africa, visitors to Manyara National Park may witness hordes of different bird species, tree-climbing lions, and vast quantities of pink flamingos. A novel “Tree Top Walk” that brings visitors even closer to the amazing birds of Manyara National Park has been made possible by the recent construction of a network of interconnected bridges among the sturdy trees around Lake Manyara.

Elephant families with young children are common in Tarangire National Park, which is home to one of the greatest populations of elephants in the area. Tarangire’s enormous river serves as a source of water for herds of zebras and wildebeests as well as their predators, including lions, cheetahs, and leopards, who travel there during the dry season.
Tanzania’s second-highest mountain, Mount Meru, is located in Arusha National Park. Under the supervision of a qualified park ranger, of course, visitors may go on a walking safari over the grasslands and get up close to herds of Cape Buffalo, giraffes, and zebras.

Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa, is located in Kilimanjaro National Park. For many, scaling this amazing mountain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unmatched Kili hikes are available from Altezza, either as private climbs or open-to-all group trips. Go here to find out more about climbing Kilimanjaro.

The surroundings and scenery

Tanzania is one of the top African nations when it comes to setting aside huge tracts of land for conservation or animal preservation. More than 25% of the country has been declared as an official conservation area or as a national park.

This indicates that there are large tracts of land that have maintained their natural integrity, isolated locations where the natural world rules; examples of these include the well-known Great Migration, in which millions of wildebeests risk their lives to cross the Grumeti River, crocodiles and other predators, savannahs where lions still rule, and the natural world’s reverence for the majestic elephant.
Tanzania offers tourists the chance to see nature in its purest form, apart from human habitation.
Tanzania is always a top choice for beautiful nature photos taken by photographers of all skill levels. Take pictures of the seemingly endless African plains, get a close-up look at the colorful weaver birds building their nest in a prickly acacia tree, or spot some of the continent’s most well-known large predators, such serval cats or cheetahs, roaming through the tall, dry grasses. Tanzanian safari photos turn out beautifully, even without fancy gear since the landscape is so colorful and the animals is moving so quickly.

cozy safari vehicles

Safari vehicles are subject to the same stringent standards as the Tanzanian tourism sector. You will undoubtedly be traveling in a contemporary, luxurious safari vehicle when you make a reservation with Altezza Travel, so there’s no need to settle with driving a van.

We provide Wi-Fi internet, air conditioning, an extended top, a fridge for refreshing drinks, and on-the-go power outlets for charging gadgets in our safari cars. Better views everywhere for an exciting safari journey are possible when the roof of the safari jeep is raised.

opulent campgrounds and lodges

Tanzanian lodgings have a stellar reputation for welcoming guests. Throughout national parks, there are several luxurious resorts and campgrounds that have won awards.

It is certain that guests to Tanzania will have a luxurious stay. Even though you could be in a secluded area with a stunning view of the Great Rift Valley, the Serengeti grasslands, or the brink of the Tarangire River, you can be sure that you will be enjoying great wine, chef-prepared meals, and all the amenities of a four- or five-star hotel.

Top-rated hotels have been carefully selected by Altezza, and our staff members frequently visit these properties to make sure the level of quality and service our clients get is up to our own high standards.